1. WR Marqise Lee and TE Julius Thomas worked limited Thu and DT Sen'Derrick Marks, OT Luke Joeckel, CB Dwayne Gratz DNP #Jaguars

  2. Gratz, Branch, Marks & Thomas will all be out for #MIAvsJAX. More to follow: http://t.co/3ox1ipwGri

  3. Jaguars list Joeckel and Armbrister as questionable, Cyp and Gerhart doubtful. Marks, Gratz, Branch and Thomas out.

  4. #Jaguars inactives: Injured (7): Thomas, Marks, Branch, Cyprien, Gratz, Joeckel, Gerhart. Healthy scratches (0): Zip-o.

  5. Sam Young starts for LT Luke Joeckel and Josh Evans starts for Johnathan Cyprien at SS. McCray moves into No. 3 corner for Gratz. #Jaguars

  6. Jaguars inactives: Branch, Cyprien, Thomas, Marks, Gratz, Gerhart and Joeckel. All hurt players.

  7. Inactives:Toby Gerhart, Dwayne Gratz, Johnathan Cyprien, Luke Joeckel, Julius Thomas, Andre Branch, Sen'Derrick Marks.

  8. Dwayne Gratz sprained ankle when he got tangled up with Marqise Lee in practice. Still in boot and one crutch. Hopes to prax this week.

  9. Out of practice for Jaguars Wednesday: DE Andre Branch, S Johnathan Cyprien, CB Dwayne Gratz and RB Denard Robinson.

  10. #Jaguars practice: D. Robinson, Gratz, Cyprien, Branch not working. Thomas will be limited. ... Gerhart/Joeckel in full pads.

  11. #Jaguars practice: Full -- Armbrister, House. ... DNP -- Branch, Cyprien, Gratz, D. Robinson. ...

  12. Jaguars appear to be practicing without Linder, Cyprien, Branch, Gratz and Denard.

  13. G Brandon Linder, S Johnathan Cyprien, DE Andre Branch, RB Denard Robinson and CB Dwayne Gratz not practicing for Jaguars Thursday.

  14. Jaguars not practicing today: G Linder, S Cyprien, DE Branch, RB Robinson & CB Gratz

  15. Not walking through at #Jaguars walk-through: Joeckel, Linder, Cyprien, Gratz. (Thomas/Marks/Branch/D. Robinson as well).

  16. No LT Luke Joeckel/RG Brandon Linder at practice Fri. CB Gratz, DT Marks, RB Robinson, S Cyprien, TE Thomas also not working #Jaguars

  17. Jaguars LT Luke Joeckel, G Brandon Linder, S Johnathan Cyprien questionable ... Gratz, Thomas Branch out; Marks,, Robinson doubtful.

  18. Jaguars injury report: Andre Branch, Dwayne Gratz, Julius Thomas are out. Sen'Derrick Marks and Denard Robinson... http://t.co/EALgju02uq

  19. DE Andre Branch, CB Dwayne Gratz and TE Julius Thomas all out for the Jags.

  20. DE Andre Branch, CB Dwayne Gratz, TE Julius Thomas all ruled out against the Patriots

  21. #Jaguars inactives (all injured): Thomas, Marks, Branch, Gratz, D. Robinson, Cyprien, Joeckel. Active: Linder, Lee. Evans starts at SS

  22. Jaguars inactives: Denard Robinson, Dwayne Gratz, Johnathan Cyprien, Luke Joeckel, Julius Thomas, Andre Branch,... http://t.co/oHRwCIv6iV

  23. Inactives for Jaguars: RB Robinson, CB Gratz, S Cyprien, LT Joeckel, TE Thomas, DE Branch and DT Marks.

  24. Cyprien, Joeckel, Gratz, Evans out there in full pads. #jaguars

  25. DE Andre Branch, S Josh Evans, OT Luke Joeckel, S Johnathan Cyprien and CB Dwayne Gratz practicing. #Jaguars

  26. Joeckel, Gratz, Branch and Cyprien all full for Jaguars on Wednesday.

  27. Cyp, Joeckel, Gratz and Branch were all full today at practice. More: http://t.co/Ta8ESfmNsU

  28. #Jaguars practice: Full -- Cyprien, Joeckel, Branch and Gratz. ... Limited -- Miller, Evans, Linder, Hurns, Marks, Thomas, Beadles. ...

  29. Jaguars secondary getting some players back (Cyprien and Gratz) at the right time with House and Sergio missing practice.

  30. #Jaguars ... Branch: First prax since 8/28 Gratz/Cyprien/Joeckel: Full prax since injured Thomas: First team work (no catches) since 8/14

  31. #Jaguars LG Zane Beadles (finger) will be full in practice today after limited Wed. ... Cyprien/Gratz/Branch/Joeckel will be full go again.

  32. Jaguars say Joeckel, Cyp, Branch, Gratz, Beadles, Evans and Miller practiced in full.

  33. Bills score TD over Gratz.

  34. Perfect throw by Manuel on 16-yd TD pass to end zone to Woods, beats Gratz. Pretty good coverage. #Jaguars Not sure Woods got 2nd foot down

  35. it took EJ a quarter-and-a-half to start going after Gratz.

  36. Gratz being taken out for House.

  37. Gratz...toast. Bills TD.

  38. Gratz then called for PI on 2-point try. McCoy then runs it in. Bills trail #Jaguars 27-24 with 6:33 left.

  39. #Jaguars notes: Gus vague on House-Gratz situation, Telvin honored, LB signs, where's Denard & more. https://t.co/UpDdvGbTVQ