1. Patriots open in nickel with Hightower, Freeny at LB. Coleman, Butler, Ryan, Chung, McCourty, Nink, Jones, Branch, Brown.

  2. Pats inactives: Hightower, Flowers, Grissom, Dobson, Thornton, Wendell, Rufus.

  3. Big Board and Advice for Thursday Night Football

  4. Patriots start in a nickel: Ninkovich-Branch-Brown-Jones / Freeny-Hightower/ Coleman-Ryan-Butler/ Chung-McCourty

  5. DL -- Nink, Branch, Brown Jones; LB -- Hightower, Freeny; CB -- Butler, Ryan, Coleman; S - Chung, McCourty

  6. Hightower with his helmet in his hand on the sideline to start the series.

  7. #Patriots defensive starters: Ninkovich, Branch, Brown, Jones, Freeny, Hightower, Ryan, Butler, Coleman, Chung, McCourty. #WASvsNE

  8. Hightower on the sideline to start the drive with his helmet off. Freeny and Mayo are the LBs

  9. At least Hightower is back in the game

  10. Hightower is on the field.

  11. Patriots had Hightower covering Jordan Reed there, even with Reed split out wide.

  12. Hightower's 2nd series on the bench here in the 2nd half. Mayo and Freeny again the duo

  13. Hightower is on the bench with the defense. Not sure why he wasn't playing on that last series. Maybe just rotational?

  14. A detailed breakdown of the market value of Hightower, Collins and Jones and a plan for the Patriots to keep all 3 https://t.co/bPiUZVrT9Q

  15. Need LB reinforcements with Collins, Hightower dealing with the sick bug https://t.co/HkYuuIU9BE

  16. Pats have 3 legitimate candidates in Collins, Hightower and Jones. https://t.co/Z6GY5R1ude

  17. McCourty and Hightower are getting snubbed so far. https://t.co/y4AcF3fyon

  18. Patriots starting LBs, per warmups: Mayo, Freeny, Hightower.

  19. Patriots will be in base defense to start. Hightower, Mayo, Freeny all in game.

  20. Patriots D warming up: Jones-Branch-Brown-Ninkovich / Mayo-Freeny-Hightower / Butler-Ryan / McCourty-Chung

  21. Thought the same thing, Andy. He might be fifth, behind Hightower, too https://t.co/mS1XHY9Xd4

  22. Immediate defensive adjustment: Pats using a 3-safety nickel and moved Hightower off the line.

  23. Pats open in a 3-4 with Hightower and Jones as OLB and Mayo and Freeny at ILB. Butler follows OBJ.

  24. Belichick asked about Hightower's weight and quickness. Says Hightower had a "bigger drop" in weight from '13-'14 as compared to '14-'15.

  25. Belichick says Hightower's bigger dropoff in weight was from 2013 to 2014. Says weight is pretty consistent this yr with what it was last yr

  26. Patriots D warming up: Jones-Branch-Brown-Ninkovich/ Hightower-Mayo Freeny / McCourty-Chung / Butler-Ryan

  27. Patriots start in a 4-3: Jones-Brown-Branch-Nink / Hightower-Mayo-Freeny / Chung-McCourty / Ryan-Butler

  28. Patriots in base 4-3 to start. Hightower, Mayo, Freeny are the LBs.

  29. #Patriots defensive starters: Ninkovich, Branch, Brown, Jones, Freeny, Mayo, Hightower, Ryan, Butler, Chung, McCourty. #BUFvsNE

  30. Players who stood out for Patriots: Amendola, James White, Tavon Wilson, Butler, Mayo, Hightower

  31. Patriots open in base defense with Jerod Mayo, Dont'a Hightower and Jonathan Freeny at LB.

  32. A slimmed-down Dont'a Hightower: "I feel a lot better this year" https://t.co/sosYJTlgd3

  33. Also, Coples is the 4th Top 16 pick from 2012 already off his drafting team. New England got Chandler Jones and Donte' Hightower in the 20s.

  34. Once listed at 270 pounds, Dont'a Hightower is hovering in the 258-260 range, and playing the best of his career https://t.co/qLV2xHuGdW

  35. Once listed at 270 pounds, Dont'a Hightower is in the 258-260 range and playing the best ball of his pro career https://t.co/Mhu90YPDb1

  36. Playing in the 258-260 range, a slimmed-down Dont'a Hightower says, "I feel a lot better this year" https://t.co/lbIldXErSs

  37. Playing in the 258-260 range, a slimmer-down Dont'a Hightower says, "I feel a lot better this year" https://t.co/sosYJTlgd3

  38. Belichick also said Dont'a Hightower dropped some weight between the 2013 and 2014 seasons. Looks to be in great shape this year.

  39. Think Dont'a Hightower may have slimmed down a little since last year. Just an observation.

  40. Pats notes: Mom's the word with Dont'a Hightower https://t.co/0HoL9Ta4Kt

  41. Here's how the Patriots can keep Dont'a Hightower, Jamie Collins and Chandler Jones https://t.co/bPiUZVrT9Q