1. Mattingly: "I think Tim Wallach is going to come with me to be the bench coach." https://t.co/ZJAYbHM7n5

  2. Biggest Snubs, Surprises of 1st Esurance Awards

  3. Don Mattingly officially takes over as Marlins manager, brushes off their long history of firing managers https://t.co/XabLtBMeSV

  4. Marlins agree to 4-year deal with new manager Don Mattingly. https://t.co/RJiVBo83MZ https://t.co/AvcuoA64HC

  5. dont forget, mattingly has good preparation working in tough spots. past bosses include steinbrenner, mccourts.

  6. Don Mattingly introduced as Miami @Marlins manager https://t.co/0pdvC5UM08 (@steve_wine) https://t.co/sSt60b5wMO

  7. Mike Hill: "A new beginning starts today with Don Mattingly as our manager." https://t.co/6VqSOQzWrq

  8. #Marlins have now formally announced Don Mattingly as new manager. He receives a four-year deal. Read more: https://t.co/OGXoOmZKNU

  9. Don Mattingly thinks Tim Wallach will be his bench coach with Marlins https://t.co/K7aRUV47aB https://t.co/nxBTHkwEA2

  10. Marlins introduce new manager Don Mattingly https://t.co/iN4F2L1pDf https://t.co/JKBKvFlDcF

  11. Don Mattingly signs 4-year deal with @Marlins covering the 2016-2019 seasons: https://t.co/JZsQA7otbM https://t.co/sbmndKGqGI

  12. Don Mattingly's first day on the new job https://t.co/seVajtrutw

  13. The Marlins have officially hired Don Mattingly as their new manager https://t.co/Qr2VyaaC2d https://t.co/yykzH4R6IU

  14. The #Marlins make it official with announcement that Don Mattingly is their new manager, receiving 4-year deal.

  15. Don Mattingly said Tim Wallach could follow him to the #Marlins as his bench coach: https://t.co/cZfYeBX8Z8

  16. Add MarlinsMLB on Snapchat for more exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos and video with Don Mattingly! https://t.co/7RrDn1Pcnm

  17. Welcome to Miami, Mr. Mattingly. https://t.co/zwPo3ZGLhL

  18. Marlins officially hire Mattingly as manager https://t.co/hdzXNpcgey

  19. Mattingly: 'I'm hoping it will be 10' years with #Marlins Sent with @MLB At Bat https://t.co/y90HYutEnk

  20. Don Mattingly says Dodgers bench coach Tim Wallach may follow him to Miami, from Dylan Hernandez https://t.co/8dR7aMlkBP

  21. ICYMI: Watch the #Marlins introduce new manager, Don Mattingly: https://t.co/i2oI42NDZz https://t.co/8EUcoMtBMl

  22. Now on https://t.co/kjfLQa8seR Wallach to join Mattingly if not offered L.A. job: Dodgers bench coach Tim Wallac... https://t.co/1UC6NaZjVj

  23. Wallach to join Mattingly if not offered LA job Sent with @MLB At Bat https://t.co/Us9UozZ1KO

  24. Heard Nats offered Black something in range of two years and team options, and he balked. Context: Mattingly signed a 4-year deal in Miami.

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  26. How low was the #Nats offer to Black? Don Mattingly just received a 4-year deal for about $10 million from #Marlins. https://t.co/VPKD1HiFif

  27. Don Mattingly talks up coaches @PHill_bone and Frank Menechino, who I reported two days ago, is finalizing terms to return. #Marlins

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  38. Against Don Mattingly. https://t.co/aFhKdrxcgO

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  40. with roberts, kapler & black dodgers' final 3, tim wallach is expected to join mattingly as bench coach in miami