1. Do the Toronto Maple Leafs Need to Trade Captain Dion Phaneuf?

    The Toronto Maple Leafs and captain Dion Phaneuf have always been somewhat of an uneasy alliance. The Edmonton , Alberta, native is the de facto No. 1 defenceman for the team, but many observers do not view him as one of the game's elite defenders.

    James Onusko Written by James Onusko about 6 months ago 4,446 reads 16 comments

  2. Predicting If Toronto Maple Leafs' Top Stars Improve or Decline in 2014-15

    On a nightly basis this season, the Toronto Maple Leafs lived the old adage that "your best players need to be your best players" to win hockey games...

    James Onusko Written by James Onusko about 7 months ago 1,039 reads 1 comments

  3. Dion Phaneuf's Contract Another Questionable Move by Toronto Maple Leafs

    After a summer of moves that ranged from foolish to dumbfounding, Dave Nonis made another questionable decision on the eve of the Winter Classic that he probably felt he had no choice but to make...

    Dave  Lozo Written by Dave Lozo about 11 months ago 8,871 reads 105 comments

  4. Dion Phaneuf and Toronto Maple Leafs Agree to 7-Year Contract Extension

    After weeks of speculation, the Toronto Maple Leafs have officially reached an agreement with captain Dion Phaneuf on a seven-year contract extension...

    Tim Daniels Written by Tim Daniels about 11 months ago 753 reads 2 comments

  5. Is Dion Phaneuf's Contract Extension the Right Move for Toronto Maple Leafs?

    If you want to get a reaction out of Toronto Maple Leafs fans, simply mention captain Dion Phaneuf . It is rare to find a diehard fan that doesn't have a strong opinion about the Edmonton , Alberta native...

    James Onusko Written by James Onusko about 11 months ago 3,889 reads 55 comments

  6. Maple Leafs Captain Dion Phaneuf Is Toronto's Most Polarizing Figure

    When you play hockey in Toronto, the spotlight burns brighter than in other cities. For this and other reasons, views on the Maple Leafs and their players vary across the spectrum...

    Christopher Almeras Written by Christopher Almeras about 12 months ago 1,161 reads 27 comments

  7. What Dion Phaneuf's 2-Game Suspension Reveals About NHL Player Safety

    Broadly speaking, the NHL ’s disciplinary standards have improved since a personnel shakeup that installed Brendan Shanahan as the top voice at the Department of Player Safety...

    Jonathan Willis Written by Jonathan Willis about 12 months ago 4,403 reads 32 comments