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  12. Tyler Eifert still feels optimistic about playing Sunday, but the Bengals TE acknowledged he still is working... https://t.co/wrKV3D2oka

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  18. Leon Hall with the pretty easy pick-6, and the #Bengals have a rout going. 31-7 lead with 5:20 still to go in the third quarter.

  19. Still time left to get @Onnit supplements and new gear. Biggest sale of the year! https://t.co/oTsSu5gPrz https://t.co/LHAHH34szN

  20. Dalton among several limited; Adam Jones still out https://t.co/9ZYgl81pNg

  21. Boys and Girls club in Avondale said they still believe! #WhoDeyNation #LetsRoar #BeatTheRams… https://t.co/k2Uz59dGBl

  22. Boys and Girls club in Avondale said they still believe! #WhoDeyNation #LetsRoar #BeatTheRams #WhoDey!!! https://t.co/q9OzratZJh

  23. Andy Dalton still 3rd overall in most recent Pro Bowl voting behind Brady, Newton. Geno Atkins leads DTS. Eifert third among TEs. #Bengals

  24. As the #Bengals' defense takes the field for its first drive of the second half, Vontaze Burfict walks out again. He's still in the game.

  25. TOUCHDOWN BROWNS. Manziel to Johnson for a 12-yard score. Bengals still lead, 14-10. https://t.co/CHxr2SMoWy

  26. Bengals with 17 2nd half points. Browns still looking for a 1st down in 2nd half.

  27. For those of you still awake, check out who @PatMcManamon and I gave our game balls to following Thursday's game https://t.co/SgpJ2K0tVo

  28. It may be raining at Paul Brown Stadium at 3 a.m., but the sun is most certainly still... https://t.co/PYrNLjRlXT https://t.co/4JuGv8zOLB

  29. Despite Tyler Eifert's 3-TD outburst last night for the Bengals, Falcons Devonta Freeman still leads the NFL with 10 total TDs.

  30. #Bengals' Vegas odds still falling; how can this be? Taking a look at how odds change. https://t.co/VL3VUtgFAG https://t.co/MBdyfi3VE0

  31. The @Bengals are so dangerous now that teams can take AJ Green out of game & still get beat https://t.co/EQs47XkEfv https://t.co/RBouBePYaN

  32. The #Bengals or still the Bungles? https://t.co/DbPLL5aPLS via wordpressdotcom

  33. Lots of #Bengals doubters out there, expect it to be that way for a while still. #UnderDogsThatWin

  34. Out of boot (more precautionary than anything), still getting treatment. We'll see how his week progresses. https://t.co/S64JdmjTTm

  35. #Bengals Super Bowl odds go from 14/1 to 10/1, but they're still fifth behind NE (9/4), Green Bay (15/2), Arizona (8/1) and Carolina (8/1).

  36. Still, they've certainly had an impressive start to season. #Bengals actually glad they've had mistakes. Feel like they keep them grounded.

  37. Patriots, Bengals still 1, 2 in NFL Power Rankings. More: https://t.co/teKQpBPyJ3 https://t.co/RT1gLPXPmH

  38. Bill O'Brien said Ryan Griffin should be able to play Monday night against the Cincinnati Bengals. He's on IR-designated to return still

  39. Marvin Lewis: Bengals still draft corners in #Texans corner Johnathan Joseph's mold https://t.co/rj4HIKXLEl