1. Tonights "Dinners on Me" event hosted by the Still Strong Foundation and @carlos_dunlap ( Carlos… https://t.co/dR354Bsz3y

  2. When I look at where we was last year and where we are now, I thank God! Today at my event... https://t.co/ortdzaXvoa http://t.co/rOu7457XXl

  3. Dallas lights up gold for childhood cancer awareness! https://t.co/KiEjAvwWfo http://t.co/vAIhn3iVIw

  4. In life you don't chose what obstacles you face you only control how you let them impact y... https://t.co/kbtfHlZcbQ http://t.co/sD5ymWy3jN

  5. Make sure y'all go follow the homie @employee96 and his foundation @carlosdunlapfoundation... https://t.co/iZg1vmJXXE http://t.co/2a4piKhkKd

  6. #shinebrightbash asking all my followers to retweet this hashtag!!!

  7. Best view from the hotel https://t.co/J5dOxOWH2W http://t.co/IdGIt7Kp7p

  8. Today is the start of childhood cancer awareness month! Help me paint the world gold for all of the… https://t.co/3HexIMivGU

  9. What do I do with my down time in training camp? Build our website and do research on the financial… https://t.co/72m9ge8k3k

  10. To me she is the definition of beauty! #LeahStrong #BeatCancerStraightOutOfMe we will have... https://t.co/eB4tObb3Aw http://t.co/QpIDqtpzaK

  11. What do I do with my down time in training camp? Build our website and do research on the ... https://t.co/ZjynewAA0t http://t.co/NhjbNJ1uDn

  12. Your boyfriend is a real one and you are beautiful without hair! #iAmStillStrongMondays #K... https://t.co/mX39SiZMsB http://t.co/psTce9OIjV

  13. http://t.co/isbZwJZX7W it’s sad but it’s the reality of the fight the financial help that ppl need is real that’s y I started our foundation

  14. The courtyard marriott in Covington is now selling STILL cancer free bracelets for $10 in support of Leah still ... https://t.co/ZiCxVIKfw3

  15. A little game day humor...we had to hit the homie @sonic99_sc with the what are those when we broke… https://t.co/dxO3fRWUVK

  16. It's more than just two words! https://t.co/htILMDaLd1 http://t.co/YCjnrmTsKy

  17. It's really that simple https://t.co/VfmM6SfIkN http://t.co/DZcFkdFPrQ