1. Other players in that stretching group include Brandon LaFell, James White, Chris Harper, Brandon Bolden, Devin McCourty and Logan Ryan

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  5. Logan Ryan and Devin McCourty had different recollections of Ryan's scout-team QB reps at Rutgers. https://t.co/MFVkoX73ra

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  7. Does Devin McCourty cook on Thanksgiving? "That's not my role."

  8. Devin McCourty touching on Brock Osweiler's athleticism and how it helps him run Gary Kubiak's offense. https://t.co/3ibkECh2dO

  9. Bill Belichick on Devin McCourty, Patrick Chung safety play: ‘They saved us a lot of points’+https://t.co/KalziwvAGG

  10. This play by Devin McCourty was impressive. He showed range and great instincts to save this near-touchdown. https://t.co/kwUZICxcDM

  11. #Patriots defensive snap count leaders through 10 games (out of 693) 1. Devin McCourty 684 (98.7%) 2. Malcolm Butler 683 (98.6%)

  12. #Patriots D so far: Extra defender in the box to stop the run, Ryan and McCourty on Marshall, make Decker and Devin Smith beat you 1 on 1

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  14. #QuickSlants tonite at 730 with Devin, Florio, @heykayadams and the me. We demand your questions @McCourtyTwins @ProFootballTalk

  15. A fun one to watch: #Patriots have interest in #Titans CB Jason McCourty to pair him with his twin, Devin. Alas, deal not expected right now

  16. The Patriots are interested in pairing Titans' Jason McCourty with twin brother Devin. https://t.co/QYlzgqRsx1 https://t.co/STHSaTZaAa

  17. After two years of being listed as a SS, they finally listed @McCourtyTwins (DMac) at FS. https://t.co/7Ffac2YQPe

  18. Devin McCourty and his brother Jason do great work in this area. https://t.co/j8bWi02eMv

  19. You got Patriots questions today? Course you do. We got #QuickSlants all lined up to answer them at 7:30. @McCourtyTwins @heykayadams

  20. Devin McCourty is the deep man in kick return coverage, but deep is a relative term. He's standing at the 30-yard line.

  21. Devin McCourty with a touchdown-saving play to bring up fourth down. #BUFvsNE

  22. Devin McCourty might as well have put on a red cape. Flew in from outta nowhere to save the day. Although McCoy probably should've caught it

  23. LeSean McCoy could have possibly pulled that in, but give Devin McCourty credit for pulling ball out. #Bills-#Patriots

  24. Nice range there by Devin McCourty to knock the ball out of Karlos Williams' hands in the end zone. Karlos beat Freeny badly.

  25. Two big-time, touchdown-saving plays from the defense. First by Patrick Chung, now Devin McCourty.

  26. Wow. Looks like Devin McCourty knocked that ball out of McCoy's hands in the end zone

  27. (J-Mac)RT @HurricaneJayde: Just saw @McCourtyTwins on my tv  https://t.co/E9o3GScc4f

  28. Devin McCourty, Rashaan Melvin, Geneo Grissom, Tavon Wilson and Logan Ryan also warming up with Caberea

  29. Patriots Defensive Keys: Devin McCourty Could Play Cornerback Vs. Bills https://t.co/ijb5vUMznv

  30. Toughen up and Jog (D-Mac)RT @McCourtyTwins: Walking on this treadmill...rehab life listening to this new Jadakiss! #RoadtoRecovery (J-Mac)

  31. Thanks appreciate that (J-Mac)RT @PDKimi: @McCourtyTwins ok just dont overdo it :) get well soon!

  32. Doctor prescribed! I'll be back! (J-Mac)RT @PDKimi: @McCourtyTwins let yourself heal before you do more damage! we wanna see you play again

  33. LOL Keith Bulluck the best I've seen do it in the red gloves (J-Mac)RT @jordanpace13: @McCourtyTwins No red gloves, no problem!

  34. LOL! Keith Bulluck best to do it in the red gloves (J-Mac)RT @FauxDMac: @McCourtyTwins @Titans get better soon

  35. Devin McCourty mentions how much healthier LeSean McCoy is. Says Bills offense has more balance.

  36. Devin McCourty misplayed Odell Beckham Jr.'s 87-yard TD, but made up for it with key switch on final 3rd down stop: https://t.co/OOkIfOTsEj

  37. That was Malcolm Butler in coverage with Devin McCourty trying to get over in support.

  38. Devin McCourty, the safety the Giants wanted in the offseason, fell down trying to help make the play on Beckham....Great catch.

  39. Poor angle from Devin McCourty and Beckham Jr. had daylight

  40. Malcolm Butler straight up on Odell Beckham Jr. to start, although Devin McCourty seemed to be shading that way as well.

  41. Patriots out for coin toss look to include Devin McCourty, the safety the Giants wanted in offseason, Matt Slater, Ninkovich, Jerod Mayo.

  42. Former Rutgers star by way of SJR Devin McCourty - coveted by the Giants in free agency - is a game day captain for the Patriots.