1. Detroit Tigers Tender Contracts to All Four Arbitration-Eligible Players...

    DETROIT -- As expected, the Tigers have tendered contracts to all four players eligible for arbitration, including starting pitchers Rick Porcello and David Price...

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  2. Don't Count the Tigers out of Max Scherzer's Future Just Yet

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  3. Motor City Bengals: Price, Porcello Hold Keys to off-Season

    The way the Detroit Tigers handle David Price and Rick Porcello will tell us their mindset for 2015 and beyond. Both starting pitchers will be in the final year of their respective contracts in 2015...

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  4. Suarez Presents Tigers with Slew of Possibilities

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  5. Talk on Max Scherzer Could Take Time to Heat Up

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  6. Tigers Plan for Avila Every Day Catcher in '15

    As for Tigers news that might have been underappreciated in the days following Detroit's farewell to 2014, there was the doctor's report on Alex Avila...

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  7. Detroit Tigers: Which Red Sox Outfielder Is the Best Trade Fit?

    The Detroit Tigers are natural trade partners with the Boston Red Sox. Detroit has a need in the outfield, and Boston has enough quality players at that position to fill starting outfields for three teams...

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  8. Tigers Will Save Big on Scherzer but Must Wisely Spend to Win Next Year

    The Detroit Tigers have all but relegated themselves to playing next season without last season’s ace, Max Scherzer . In fact, they pretty much did so in March when Scherzer turned down a six-year, $144 million extension offer...

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