1. Report: Pistons Will Match Max-Offer Sheet for Monroe

    NBA .com reports that when Pistons forward Greg Monroe, who has seen his role diminished in the Pistons' semi-star-studded malaise this year, hits free agency, his agent expects him to get the max...

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  2. Debate: Who Do You Want as Detroit's New HC?

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  3. Potential Trade Scenarios for Detroit Pistons to Shake Up Roster

    For the Detroit Pistons , there's very little confusion as to what the objective is. After just 50 games, the Pistons fired head coach Maurice Cheeks in an effort to turn the team around and reach the playoffs...

    D.J. Foster Written by D.J. Foster about 2 months ago 12,892 reads 54 comments

  4. Lionel Hollins Would Make Perfect Sense as Detroit Pistons' Next Coach

    Few things about the Detroit Pistons , the once-celebrated franchise turned NBA misfit, make sense. Pursuing Lionel Hollins as their next head coach would be a step in the opposite, and therefore right, direction...

    Dan Favale Written by Dan Favale about 2 months ago 5,713 reads 26 comments

  5. Who Killed the Detroit Pistons?

    What's happened to the Detroit Pistons is a crime. And firing the head coach doesn't solve it. Maurice Cheeks is gone . His coaching staff will likely follow Cheeks out the door by season's end, along with longtime general manager Joe Dumars...

    Marshall Zweig Written by Marshall Zweig about 2 months ago 2,318 reads 16 comments

  6. Taking the 'Mo' out of Motown

    Here's the thing about Detroit 's only semi-surprising decision to fire Maurice Cheeks on Sunday: If you put together a weird roster that is going to require innovative management, ...

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  7. Andre Drummond Reportedly Very Close with Pistons Owner Tom Gores

    In one of the NBA 's most-surprising coaching decisions, Maurice Cheeks benched Andre Drummond just 11 seconds into the second half of a loss to the Mavericks a couple weeks ago...

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  8. Grading Every Key Detroit Pistons Player Heading into NBA All-Star Break

    The Detroit Pistons are in the midst of a disappointing stretch of basketball, but not every player on the roster has been struggling this season...

    Jakub Rudnik Written by Jakub Rudnik about 2 months ago 3,845 reads 7 comments

  9. Blueprint for Detroit Pistons to Salvage 2013-14 Season

    Like a once-popular band still touring off a decade-old album, the Detroit Pistons front office—fronted by general manager Joe Dumars—keeps finding ways to survive...

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  10. Hollins Has Interest in Pistons Head Coach Position

    Free agent coach Lionel Hollins tells CSNNW.com “of course I'm interested” in the Detroit head coach gig, though he says he has not been contacted by them as of yet...

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  11. Column: Maurice Cheeks' Firing Forewarned by Pistons Owner Tom Gores

    AUBURN HILLS -- Tom Gores said it without saying it. The indictment came straight from the top, for all the right reasons...

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  12. Meet Detroit Pistons Interim Coach John Loyer

    AUBURN HILLS – John Loyer has been named interim head coach of the Detroit Pistons after Maurce Cheeks was fired this morning...

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  13. Report: Pistons Could Be Targeting Lionel Hollins as Replacement

    With the Detroit Pistons in search of a new coach after the news that Maurice Cheeks has been fired, reports are already surfacing that they could be targeting someone with a history of taking over midseason...

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  14. Report: Lionel Hollins Pistons' 'Prime Target'

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  15. Brandon Jennings Reacts to Maurice Cheeks Firing on Twitter

    Earlier today, the Detroit Pistons let head coach Maurice Cheeks go after the team sits in ninth place in the Eastern Conference with a 21-29 overall record...

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  16. Brandon Jennings Tweets Support for Maurice Cheeks

    I will like to thank Mo Cheeks for everything, thank you for helping me become a better person & player...

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  17. Pistons Home Win Offers Another Key Building Block

    AUBURN HILLS -- The starters are scoring in ways they haven't all year. Saturday, the Detroit Pistons scored their most points in a game in five years...

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  18. Pistons Fire on All Cylinders in Victory over Nuggets

    This is the way things were supposed to look when general manager Joe Dumars brought in Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings to spark the Pistons ...

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  19. Detroit Pistons' 2014 Trade Deadline Shopping List

    Sinking as far as 10 games below .500 in February after being 14-16 on Christmas, it is clear that the Detroit Pistons have to address some issues before the Feb. 20 trade deadline...

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  20. Singler Likely to Remain in Detroit Pistons' Starting Lineup vs. Brooklyn

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  21. The Tricky Case of Dealing Detroit Pistons' Greg Monroe

    As the Detroit Pistons ' season begins its inevitable yearly slide toward mediocrity, it's easy to see where things went wrong. Heading into this season, few people saw this team as a completed product...

    Jay Wierenga Written by Jay Wierenga about 3 months ago 22,916 reads 95 comments

  22. Detroit Pistons Have Yet Another Player-Coach Feud Brewing

    All's not well in the basketball world if there isn't a bit of mischief in the Motor City. Now that Detroit Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks and Will Bynum are reportedly at odds, hoop heads can finally rest easily again...

    Zach Buckley Written by Zach Buckley about 3 months ago 3,694 reads 7 comments

  23. How Detroit Pistons Should Approach NBA Trade Deadline

    With the NBA trade deadline fast approaching, it's time to talk about potential transactions the Detroit Pistons might be making...

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  24. Bynum: No Regrets About Confrontation with Cheeks

    While things got heated between Detroit Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks and backup point guard Will Bynum during Wednesday night's 112-98 loss to the Orlando Magic , it was rather chilly today in the team's practice facility at the Palace...

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  25. Will Bynum, Maurice Cheeks have heated words as Pistons look awful

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