1. Detroit Pistons Extend $5.5 Million Qualifying Offer to Greg Monroe

    In a move that was long expected, the Detroit Pistons extended a $5.5 million qualifying offer to big man Greg Monroe over the weekend, making him a restricted free agent when the NBA 's free agent moratorium begins Tuesday...

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  2. Debate: Which Free Agent Should Pistons Covet Most?

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  3. Pistons Not Seeking Big Name, Want to Spread Free Agency Money Around

    Don't expect LeBron James. Kevin Love? Probably not. When looking at the list of players available through free agency or trades when NBA free agency begins Tuesday, Detroit ...

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  4. What Offseason Moves Are Next for Detroit Pistons with NBA Draft Complete?

    The Detroit Pistons left Barclays Center Thursday night heading for free agency with Spencer Dinwiddie in tow. They also have an armored truck with at least $20 million to deliver...

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  5. Pistons Get High Grades for Taking Spencer Dinwiddie with 38th Pick in Draft

    The Detroit Pistons are generally getting high grades for taking Spencer Dinwiddie with their only pick in Thursday's NBA draft...

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