1. #Chiefs’ Derrick Johnson moves on from Green Bay loss, appreciates setting tackle record: http://t.co/Dxbasf6fU5

  2. 1 49ers - Rodgers 2 Dolphins - DeMarcus Ware 3 Browns - Frank Gore 4 Bears - Derrick Johnson 5 Bucs - Alex Smith https://t.co/b7WIMb85Mx

  3. Derrick Johnson passes #Chiefs great Gary Spani to become all-time leading tackler. READ: http://t.co/zfijX2jBi9 http://t.co/06ssRE0nMu

  4. Derrick Johnson collects his 1000th tackle and is now the #Chiefs all-time leading tackler! #DJ1K http://t.co/MZTa2lOi1v

  5. Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson has 1,000 career tackles. He now stands alone as the Chiefs franchise career tackle leader. #KCvsGB

  6. Derrick Johnson just set the #Chiefs’ all-time tackle record. That’s No. 1,000.

  7. Derrick Johnson has tied the #Chiefs all-time franchise tackle record! #KCvsGB http://t.co/j1cTZjM4z3

  8. That Chiefs' all-time tackles record means a lot to Derrick Johnson. http://t.co/laLNJ11YeM

  9. Derrick Johnson should have made more than 3 Pro-Bowls

  10. Correction: The tackle was taken away from Derrick Johnson. Now once again 1 tackle away from all-time tackle record.

  11. Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson with four tackles tonight (three solo). Now has 999, tied with Gary Spani for team's all-time team record.

  12. LB Derrick Johnson has tied the Chiefs all-time tackle record. #KCvsGB

  13. Derrick Johnson just tied Gary Spani for the most all-tackles in #Chiefs history.

  14. Hookem @adamteicher: Tackle record or not, Derrick Johnson is already among Chiefs all-time greats: http://t.co/1UHBEjkknz"

  15. Derrick Johnson has one tackle so far. He's now five away from tying Gary Spani's 999 tackles, six from breaking the record.

  16. Linebacker Derrick Johnson enters the game just 7 tackles away from the all-time Chiefs career tackle record. http://t.co/CtTnwelCHA

  17. #Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson needs 7 tackles to reach 1,000 for his career and become team's all-time leading tackler.

  18. Tackle record or not, Derrick Johnson is already among Chiefs all-time greats: http://t.co/iZx4YIgpGx

  19. Very cool story here by @TerezPaylor on the unique way Derrick Johnson makes so many of his tackles. http://t.co/RZW97TqLWB

  20. #Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson has 993 career tackles entering tonight’s game, needs seven to set team record: http://t.co/Mr1YwMGLI6

  21. Journalist geek in me loves how The Topeka Capital-Journal did the centerpiece on #Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson story. http://t.co/xHhxdn7YNI