1. John Elway to Be Inducted into NY-Penn League Hall of Fame

    John Elway will be inducted into the New York-Penn League's Hall of Fame to honor his time with the minor league baseball association.....

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  2. Hochman: Peyton Manning "Knows He's in the Fourth Quarter"

    Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones anticipates Tony Romo playing approximately two more preseason series...

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  3. What Will Broncos Learn in Joint Practices with Texans?

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  4. Elway: I'm Building Broncos 'To Win from Now On,' Planning for Life After Peyton

    General manager John Elway made multiple offseason acquisitions to bolster the Broncos depth chart after a Super Bowl loss to the Seattle Seahawks ...

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  5. Has Preseason Dominance Cemented Broncos Status as the Team to Beat in the NFL?

    The Denver Broncos are on a mission this season. Their mission fell short last year as they were beaten by the Seattle Seahawks 43-8 in the Super Bowl...

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  6. Salary Cap Will Influence Broncos' Cuts

    For many who currently have lockers inside the Denver Broncos ' complex, things get down to the vocational nitty gritty this week...

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