1. Demo Ryans taken out. Bad tackle attempt by Malcolm Jenkins. Went top high. Lions 23-yard run.

  2. #Eagles Injury Report: OUT: Ertz, Mathews. QUESTIONABLE: Bradford, Kelce, Peters. PROBABLE: Alonso, Barwin, Ryans, Thornton, Thurmond.

  3. #Eagles Tuesday walkthrough report: OUT: Ertz, Kelce, Mathews. LIMITED: Bradford. FULL: Alonso, Barwin, Peters, Ryans, Thornton, Thurmond.

  4. Wed. #Eagles Report: DNP: Couplin (shoulder), Jenkins (concussion) Limited: Andrews (head), Cooper (toe), Peters (back), Ryans (hamstring)

  5. #Eagles Wed injury report: Couplin (shoulder), Jenkins (concussion) out. Limited: Andrews (head), Cooper (toe), Peters (back), Ryans (hammy)

  6. Couplin, Jenkins no practice today. Limited: Peters, Ryans, Cooper, Andrews. #Eagles

  7. Maybe missing DeMeco wasn't the problem with the run defense. Has been an issue the past two weeks, and today. #Eagles

  8. Last year, when Winston had legal/disciplinary issues, Ryans stayed in touch w/ Winston.The two will be on the field against each other Sun.

  9. #Eagles practice report: OUT: Andrews, Barwin, Bradford, Couplin, Mathews, Peters. FULL: Ryans, Thurmond.

  10. A good column from @bobfordsports on the DeMeco Ryans-Jameis Winston relationship: https://t.co/eEHc0Gnm7q

  11. #Eagles practice report: OUT: Andrews, Bradford, Couplin, Huff, Mathews. LIMITED: Barwin, Peters. FULL: Ryans, Thurmond.

  12. Full #Eagles injury report: OUT: Bradford, Couplin, Mathews. QUESTIONABLE: Peters. PROBABLE: Andrews, Barwin, Huff, Ryans, Thurmond.

  13. Kelly: We're still bringing Kiko and DeMeco along. No thought of shutting Kiko down for the season with knee injury.

  14. #Eagles practice report: OUT: Ertz, Mathews, Thornton. LIMITED: Bradford, Peters. FULL: Alonso, Barwin, Ryans, Thurmond.

  15. Chip Kelly: I don't think Demeco and Kiko can still play a full game yet

  16. J Winston just called over to DeMeco Ryans, had a nice embrace. Both are from same hometown in Alabama, known each other for over decade

  17. #Eagles list as PROB: Barwin, Ryans, Thurmond, Huff and Josh Andrews

  18. Jameis Winston grew up an Eagles fan and shares a special bond with DeMeco Ryans https://t.co/BFnMjmBEUn https://t.co/9KqqbS6Ioq

  19. DeMeco Ryans has known Jameis Winston since high school. Now, they're playing against each other. @bobfordsports: https://t.co/eEHc0Gnm7q

  20. DeMeco Ryans to face hometown protege, Jameis Winston. @bobfordsports: https://t.co/6NYpKQXIFv

  21. "DeMeco's a guy I’ve always looked up to." Jameis Winston faces his long-time mentor DeMeco Ryans Sunday @ the Linc: https://t.co/TCim1iLh95

  22. "Just growing up, DeMeco was everyone’s role model." Jameis Winston excited to face longtime mentor DeMeco Ryans: https://t.co/TCim1iLh95

  23. DeMeco Ryans served as a mentor to Jameis Winston, who grew up an #Eagles fan. The two will collide this Sunday: https://t.co/eXIV9q8tX5

  24. Jameis Winston eager to play against hometown hero DeMeco Ryans https://t.co/hbqJh8L8Nb

  25. Eagles list DeMeco Ryans [hammy] and Walter Thurmond [hammy] as full participants.

  26. "Just growing up, DeMeco was everyone’s role model." Jameis Winston excited to face longtime mentor DeMeco Ryans: https://t.co/v117X82nnq

  27. Jameis Winston on being an Eagles fan, and the advice that DeMeco Ryans has given him. https://t.co/6bjrW34HXX

  28. Jameis Winston grew up rooting for the Eagles and he's really excited to play against one of his heroes from Bessemer, Alabama: DeMeco Ryans

  29. Jameis Winston said he's excited to face Eagles LB DeMeco Ryans, from same hometown in Alabama. Great role model for him growing up.

  30. Winston is from the same hometown as DeMeco Ryans. Ryans was the player kids from Winston's generation admired. Known each for a decade.

  31. DeMeco Ryans and Jameis Winston are from same town in Alabama. Winston has received advice from Ryans, calls it an honor to play him.

  32. Jameis Winston says DeMeco Ryans was "everybody's role model" in Bessemer, Ala., not just for football but for academics.

  33. DeMeco Ryans played 72 percent of the snaps. Mychal Kendricks played 60 percent of the snaps. Kiko Alonso played 45 percent.

  34. Good thing #Eagles got DeMeco Ryans back this week ... run defense WAS awful

  35. Eagles start with Walter Thurmond in the slot -- not Malcolm Jenkins. DeMeco Ryans and Mychal Kendricks were the starting ILBs.

  36. Jason Peters is inactive for Eagles; Nelson Agholor, DeMeco Ryans are active Read more at https://t.co/FzFuPSDiXS

  37. DeMeco Ryans active and expected to play.

  38. Jason Peters is INACTIVE. Nelson Agholor, DeMeco Ryans ACTIVE. Also inactive: QB Lewis, S Couplin, RB Barner, LB Acho, OL Andrews, DE Bair

  39. Acho warming up with the players who are usually inactive, so could be sign DeMeco Ryans is back. Big for run defense #Eagles