1. RealSport “@liishalovexo: @DeMarreCarroll1 why is it so hard to find & buy your jersey for my husband's bday gift! ☹#helpapregnantladyout

  2. Report: Suns, Carroll Had Mutual Interest This Summer

  3. Why Raptors Are Paying DeMarre Carroll All That Money

  4. Carroll Considers 2-3 Road Trip 'Success'

  5. On the Raptors' recent three-point shooting drought, made worse by the absence of DeMarre Carroll & Terrence Ross: https://t.co/4mGe4DTH7l

  6. New: DeMarre Carroll back vs. Pelicans - https://t.co/VNwjkw3MAL https://t.co/wbV7DdGqN2

  7. Look who it is. @demarrecarroll1 is active tonight vs. The Pelicans. #RTZ #WeTheNorth https://t.co/WTOxj1TLmv

  8. Carroll (Foot) Returns to Lineup Friday vs. Pels

  9. 'Blue-Collar' Carroll Ready to Help Raptors Take the Next Step

  10. Improved D, Slim Lowry and Drizzy in the 6: Raptors Season Preview

  11. Tonight's #Raptors Starters: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @DeMarreCarroll1 F - @LScola4 C - @JValanciunas #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  12. DeMarre Carroll returns to the Raptors lineup after missing two games with plantar faschitis; Anthony Davis out of the lineup for Pelicans.

  13. Hello DeMarre Carroll.

  14. DeMarre on the defensive for Raptors

  15. Carroll's Defensive Impact Will Be Felt First

  16. Welcome back @DeMarreCarroll1 ☔️ #RTZ

  17. Tonight's #Raptors Starters: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @DeMarreCarroll1 F - @LScola4 C - @JValanciunas #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  18. Butter! @DeMarreCarroll1 connects for #RTZ

  19. Tonight's #Raptors Starters: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @DeMarreCarroll1 F - @LScola4 C - @JValanciunas #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  20. According to @bball_ref DeMarre Carroll taking 30% of his shots from 3-10 feet this yr vs. 10% with Hawks; converting just 38.7 in close.

  21. How about the back-to-the-basket skills showcased by DeMarre Carroll on NBATV? #TORatGSW #NBARapidReplay https://t.co/A2buLcvXnx

  22. Raptors cut it to a 6-point deficit thanks largely to DeMarre Carroll.

  23. DeMarre Carroll gets a nice ovation from the Utah fans as he's introduced.

  24. Tonight's #Raptors Starters: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @DeMarreCarroll1 F - @LScola4 C - @JValanciunas #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  25. So Heat this season so far have played teams without Kidd-Gilchrist, Kobe, DeMarre Carroll, Rudy Gobert, Kyrie Irving, Dwight Howard.

  26. Today's #Raptors Starting Lineup: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @DeMarreCarroll1 F - @LScola4 C - @bismackbiyombo0 #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  27. Swish. @DeMarreCarroll1 gets the Raps on the board with the jumper. #RTZ

  28. "DeMarre Carroll, so hot right now." #RTZ https://t.co/slt3ZDwwvL

  29. DeMarre Carroll is 8-for-8 and has 18 points; he's been great and basically unguarded

  30. Does DeMarre Carroll have the plague or something? Clippers are nowhere near him. He's got 19 easy points.

  31. DeMarre Carroll has 19 pts. Clippers have 29

  32. Clippers announcers still questioning DeMarre Carroll's contract as he outscores Paul + Griffin, 19-2, in the first half.

  33. Is DeMarre Carroll man or machine?

  34. In 22 mins, Blake Griffin and Paul Pierce have 2 pts and 2 rebs, total; Luis Scola and DeMarre Carroll have 33 and 7

  35. Also, if DeMarre Carroll hits every one of his shots, the Raptors will be tough to beat. #Analytics

  36. DeMarre Carroll just outscored CP3, Blake, DAJ, Pierce, J. Smith, Lance, Jamal Crawford, Austin & Wes Johnson combined 21-19 in first half

  37. ICYMI: @DeMarreCarroll1 had an ok first half yesterday. Check it out... https://t.co/lw2CmtB3DE