1. Time stood still upon contact on this DeMar DeRozan dunk over Rudy Gobert from last night: https://t.co/7HeOvB5aFR

  2. Lowry, DeRozan Lead Raptors Past Cavs, 103-99

  3. Gobert Gets Baptized by DeRozan

  4. DeRozan Takes Flight Over Pelicans

  5. Watch: DeRozan Turns on the Double Spin Cycle

  6. The @raptors didn't get the win. But here's my @sportsnet 590 the Fan call of @demar_derozan's nasty… https://t.co/wtekxWWw8t

  7. DeMar DeRozan ranks 4th in most isolation plays. The three players ahead of him: Harden, Melo, LeBron https://t.co/v3TLikA7zG

  8. Watch: Derozan Catches Lob from Lowry for the Slam

  9. Improved D, Slim Lowry and Drizzy in the 6: Raptors Season Preview

  10. DeRozan on Contract Talk: 'I Hate It'

  11. New: DeMar DeRozan's Contract Looms Large Over This Season - https://t.co/ZgpXRHOjma https://t.co/fJvRToioWi

  12. DeRozan's dunk last night may be a dunk of the year candidate so the @Starters dug up some other good DeRozan dunks. https://t.co/7E2f0jqZfZ

  13. DeMar DeRozan spoke about the possibility of suiting up against Kobe Bryant tonight in L.A. WATCH: https://t.co/H0cHjzQTL6

  14. James Harden Gets Dunked on by DeMar DeRozan, Hits Clutch 3 over Swaggy P

  15. DeRozan Under Pressure to Be Raptors' Cornerstone

  16. “You never know,” DeRozan said of possible Kobe retirement. “Even if it is his last year he will probably come back after a year off."

  17. Old times as Lowry, DeRozan, Lou Williams have a pre-game Staples chat. Asked DD this over/under on Lou FGAs. "25" I think he was joking

  18. Tonight's #Raptors Starters: G - Lowry G - DeRozan F - Carroll F - Scola C - Valanciunas #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  19. Watch the FT line tonight: Toronto leads the league in attempts (DeRozan ranks 3rd), while LAL rank 4th, led by Williams (14th).

  20. DeMar DeRozan gets called for a moving pick on Randle. But DeRozan took a huge fall bc of Randle's size. Randle helps DeRozan up

  21. Lowry is three-for-three from distance. DeMar has one too, just his fourth of the year.

  22. DeRozan with the nice curl and finish to give the Raps a 23-19 lead. #RTZ

  23. 27-21 for the Raptors after 1. Terry Ross is back DeMar is determined to out-Kobe Kobe.

  24. LAL allowed a 10-4 run to close the 1st Q, and thus trail Toronto 27-21 into the 2nd. DeRozan and Lowry combined for 16 of their 27.

  25. Lakers' have done well for the 27 minutes DeRozan was in the game, up +3 on Raptors but Cory Joseph's +/- is +23

  26. You see, it's hard to get mad at Lowry because he plays with such a sense of urgency. But with DeRozan, even when he's playing well...

  27. Kobe strips DeRozan and hits the long 2! Raptors 97 | Lakers 91 4Q: 1:48

  28. Not ever game has to be decided with an endless string of isolations for DeMar DeRozan. You'd think that would be common sense but nah.

  29. DeRozan is just too easy to read. Especially when he isos. Especially especially when he isos in the fourth.

  30. Beauty spin move by DeMar. 99-91 Raps. #RTZ

  31. DeRozan's spin move that sealed it. https://t.co/RnnYNK4UmP

  32. To get you in the mood for today's game vs the Clippers, here is a @DeMar_DeRozan top five dunk compilation. WATCH: https://t.co/jZ3UVxfOn0

  33. Today's #Raptors Starting Lineup: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @DeMarreCarroll1 F - @LScola4 C - @bismackbiyombo0 #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  34. Lowry and DeRozan are shooting 1-for-8 combined, the Raptors are without their most efficient player and they lead Clippers by 18. Sure.

  35. For the record, Lowry and DeRozan have 7 of the team's 9 assists. Meanwhile, Carroll and Scola are 11-for-13 with 24 of Raptors' 45 points

  36. DeMar DeRozan & Kyle Lowry are a combined 3-14 FGs & #raptors - who just lost Jonas Valanciunas - are up 29 at halftime on road vs #clippers

  37. DeMar hits the contested jumper. Raps up 67-41 with 7:09 to go in the 3rd. #RTZ

  38. #Clippers down double digits in a game where Lowry and DeRozan are a combined 5-for-21 from the field.

  39. Twice -- once by Lowry, once by DeRozan -- Raps have tried to throw lobs in traffic to Biz. That is wrong at soooooooo many levels

  40. DeRozan halts the Clippers run. #RTZ Raps 75 Clips 67

  41. Raptors up 10. Closing with Lowry/Joseph/DeRozan/Carroll/Scola unit, despite LA's size. 1:45 left

  42. The @Raptors take down the @LAClippers, 91-80 behind @DeMar_DeRozan's 21 points in 40 minutes. https://t.co/62grPpw2el

  43. DeMar DeRozan scores 21, Toronto Raptors beat Los Angeles Clippers 91-80: https://t.co/nHI2paq8D9 https://t.co/2ba0ynQMMN

  44. DeRozan, Carroll score 21 as @Raptors beat Clippers 91–80. L.A. 2–7 since starting year 4–0 https://t.co/8zagZkFqq6 https://t.co/fieNBf5HtR

  45. DeRozan, Raptors outlast Clippers 91-80 at Staples Center. https://t.co/X4lmHzXhDk https://t.co/vvKvmgTO55