1. Blair Is Capitalizing on Opportunities During Preseason

  2. DeJuan Blair Predicts 'Great Year' Ahead with Wizards

  3. DeJuan Blair looking trim, said he lost 30 lbs. this summer, ready to play 5 spot with Seraphin's departure. #wizards http://t.co/MwmpuORKSF

  4. Dejuan Blair all but admitted that his extended time on the bench last season broke him mentally. #wizards

  5. We've got video of DeJuan Blair with a selfie mirror on a hoverboard at Media Day. http://t.co/WQBs2uo3gA http://t.co/HMkstbDjs2

  6. DeJuan Blair said he lost 30 pounds and Martell Webster said he lost 20 pounds. And that's your annual Media Day Weight Watch.

  7. Lost in media day stretch-4 bonanza: DeJuan Blair saying he worked on 3s all summer. "But I’m not going to be shooting them."

  8. DeJuan Blair turning into the team's most viral player is the surprise of training camp. https://t.co/TLPjNeMaKY

  9. DeJuan Blair knows this is a big year for his basketball career: http://t.co/ILdUizDMOL #Wizards

  10. Dejuan Blair sighting!

  11. Big game from @DeJuan45 (15p-7r) off the bench in tonight's win Postgame: http://t.co/CRZauBEPce #WizSixers http://t.co/OS98qo6iN1

  12. DeJuan Blair predicts 'great year' ahead with #Wizards http://t.co/29COs9FMzP #WizardsTalk http://t.co/iCj7JEdSz6

  13. DeJuan Blair had 5 points and 7 rebounds in his first 5 minutes tonight. Here's what he looks like out there: http://t.co/8Ii7a57UDK

  14. DeJuan Blair has 10 points and 10 rebounds in 8 minutes.

  15. Showing some range! @DeJuan45 hits the midrange J, he's already got a double-double (10p-10r), still 7:15 left in Q2 #WizBucks

  16. DeJuan Blair on the glass right now: http://t.co/kiVawPF84T

  17. DeJuan Blair had himself a good weekend: http://t.co/nCwzGjSjKq #Wizards

  18. DeJuan Blair is out again tonight. #Wizards

  19. Yea we got you @DeJuan45 (shark), hole-in-one! ⛳ #HealthyHalloween #WizCountdown. More on @Snapchat (WashWizards) https://t.co/gJjWZQvLxl

  20. DeJuan Blair sighting for his season debut.

  21. Shoutout to DeJuan Blair for knowing what's up. https://t.co/ICIQqW4NEx

  22. So the #Wizards kind of, sort of have 10 players available vs. OKC tonight, and then DeJuan Blair.

  23. It's the #SeasonOfGiving and @dejuan45 is handing out turkeys for his Thanksgiving Giveaway! #WizCares #NBACares ™@washwizards LOVE❤️ #TeamBlair