1. A night to celebrate @pats_promises. SQUAD. http://t.co/9Pty7Xb6Vv

  2. "Whatever u do, work at it w all of ur heart for the Lord & not human masters."Colossians 3:23 http://t.co/P5tj2AjHdN http://t.co/8i8CRcHglY

  3. Its almost time for kickoff! Check out my latest blog to see where I am and how I got here-> http://t.co/iDZ6ssRjEe http://t.co/YH3J4sNMCt

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  5. For the sake of conversation, to flip it.. How does what she did make her a 'criminal'?

  6. I'm fully aware of the entire situation and what she did- I'm just asking a question on how/why she's perceived a 'hero'

  7. I read an article just now that said Kim Davis walked out to a Hero's welcome to 'Eye of the Tiger". In what way is she a hero?

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  9. Prime time. Go shine @JT_theQB4th

  10. Happy #LaborDay to #UnionGameDay workers @LIUNA @steelworkers @theironworkers @UAPipeTrades @IBEW @NFLPA http://t.co/DYkbEnrG3T

  11. "Make a tree good & its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad & its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit." Matthew12:33

  12. .@TheWillieCherry Thnk u 4 reminding me what strength &courage really look like.Ur story has inspired me #KeepShining http://t.co/yPsquG7wIl

  13. Flashback to that time the awesome people of @UnderArmour flew to Haiti to visiti @imME_org https://t.co/slUK64ZRc9

  14. Good football tonight... What are you looking forward to?

  15. famILY #haitiduhhh http://t.co/HV08P9magM