1. Washington Injury report: (DNP) Robinson, Jeron Johnson (Limited) Culliver, Everett, Goldson, Jason Hatcher, Keenan Robinson, Trent Williams

  2. Matt Jones Crashes UF-UGA Tailgate

  3. DNP today: Johnson, T. Robinson. LIMITED: Culliver, Everett, Hatcher, Williams, Goldson, K. Robinson. WATCH LIVE: https://t.co/2XXthRaGUb

  4. Washington Injury Report: (DNP) Culliver, Everett, Hatcher, Trenton Robinson, Trent Williams (Limited) Dashon Goldson, Keenan Robinson

  5. DNP today: Hatcher, T. Robinson, Everett, Culliver, Williams. LIMITED: Goldson, K. Robinson. WATCH LIVE: https://t.co/QjYmniR6xg

  6. Redskins practice update: LT Trent Williams (knee), CB Chris Culliver (knee), S Dashon Goldson, DE Jason... https://t.co/597JYIpEZB

  7. Trent Williams, Trenton Robinson, Deshazor Everett working on side field. Williams moving slowly. Dashon Goldson & Jason Hatcher watching.

  8. On that play, Edelman vs. Goldson. Edelman's win helps turn 4-yard run into 14 after Gronk & Andrews/Mason/Vollmer help with initial opening

  9. PICK SIX! @thehawk38! Because why not. #HTTR #NOvsWAS https://t.co/DfMGIUPtyh

  10. Redskins now up 44-14. That's second pick-6 of Goldson's career, first since 2010.

  11. Dashon Goldson on Cam Newton saying if you don't like dance in end zone, keep him out: "I feel him on that. That's exactly right."

  12. 30 minutes to kickoff of Late Hits on @SiriusXMNFL with Bill Polian and me. Dashon Goldson, Jack Del Rio, Bruce Arians among our guests.

  13. Effort matters: on 70 yard run by Ingram Goldson missed tackle killed. But Preston smith slows running 2 ball. Full speed; miss doesn't hurt

  14. Dashon Goldson pick-sixes Drew Brees...and starts the Deion high-step about 18 yards out. #NOvsWAS https://t.co/yB4LTsPRgn

  15. Teammates help #Redskins S Dashon Goldson celebrate his pick-six in #NOvsWAS! https://t.co/BSq40Mudys

  16. Drew Brees picked off! Dashon Goldson takes it back 35 yards to extend Redskins' lead, 44-14.

  17. Brees is intercepted by Goldson who returns it for a TD

  18. Dashon Goldson with the pick-six off of the tipped pass. Redskins defense gets its first points of the year.

  19. Will Blackmon bothered the receiver in coverage. Ball tipped. Dashon Goldson intercepts the deflection and returns 35-yards for a TD.

  20. Dashon Goldson intercepts Drew Brees pass that tips off Marques Colston's hands for 35-yard TD return. Redskins 44, #Saints 14, 14:18 in 4Q.

  21. Colston drops a ball into the hands o Dashon Goldson, who returns it for a touchdown. Washington 44, New Orleans 14.

  22. Drew Brees throws it to Marques Colston. Who hot potato's it to Dashon Goldson. Who returns it for a TD. Welp. #NOvsWAS

  23. Goodnight, Saints. A pick six by Goldson after a Colston bobble puts Washington up 44-14. Cousins has a bagillion passing yards and 100 TDs.

  24. PICK. SIX. Goldson off the deflection and takes it to the house. It's a party at FedEx Field. #Redskins 44, Saints 14. #RedskinsTalk

  25. Brees pick 6 by Dashon Goldson and it's getting ugly in DC. 44-14 @Redskins. WOW.

  26. Dashon Goldson pick-6, folks. https://t.co/AavCBMVT9r

  27. So, it's Johnson and Goldson as your safeties on first and second downs. Then Hall comes and joins Goldson in place of Johnson on third.

  28. On that last play, Jarrett at free safety, Goldson up at strong. #Redskins

  29. Hall was in at safety on that play alongside Goldson. There were ... a lot of communication issues before the snap, to put it lightly.

  30. There's a reason the Skins got Goldson from Tampa for next to nothing. Bucs thought he was done. Might be right.

  31. Looked like Dashon Goldson with the missed tackle on Mark Ingram's 70-yard run. #Saints convert it into an easy TD. 5 plays. 83 yards. 7-7

  32. Jarrett probably plays strong, although he did play some free when Goldson was out with the hammy vs. NE. https://t.co/lQKWSkdXMH

  33. Sounds like Dashon Goldson brought #Redskins together at midfield as a group before practice. All about setting tone for Saints game

  34. Gruden said S Dashon Goldson initiated a players-only huddle before practice today to get things on the right track; led to a good practice.

  35. DNP today: Hatcher, K. Robinson. LIMITED: Culliver, Goldson, Hall, Roberts. WATCH LIVE: https://t.co/DtKrxo7Xtq

  36. Hatcher, K.Robinson did not practice. Culliver, Hall, Roberts, Goldson among those limited.

  37. Scot McCloughan and Dashon Goldson chat during the one-on-one drills. https://t.co/BBoDGxiQVF

  38. McCloughan and Goldson chatting during 1-on-1 drills. Goldson did individuals but none of this. https://t.co/8OeVj5AbPb

  39. Dashon Goldson (hamstring) also doing drills.

  40. Gruden says Dashon Goldson had a hamstring injury vs. NE; will be day to day. WATCH LIVE: https://t.co/WWxdPhxiCX