1. Captains this week for Lions: Darryl Tapp (defense), Calvin Johnson (offense), Don Muhlbach (special teams).

  2. #Lions Jim Caldwell said captains this week: Darryl Tapp, Calvin Johnson, Muhlbach on special teams.

  3. Calvin Johnson, Darryl Tapp and Don Muhlbach are captains Thursday.

  4. Calvin Johnson, Darryl Tapp and Don Muhlbach are this week's #Lions captains for #GBvsDET

  5. Captains: Darryl Tapp, Calvin Johnson, Don Muhlbach

  6. Lions locker room pretty empty today. Darryl Tapp on where his teammates are: Probably in the cafeteria eating leftover turkey sandwiches

  7. Tapp on Ziggy Ansah: "He has no idea how good he is or how good he can be."

  8. Picture perfect: Lions' Tapp motivated by last year's snub http://t.co/wkqjBzh9Vh via @freep

  9. Darryl Tapp has a pass rush dummy in his garage. Before, he had his wife wear arm shields so he could practice moves http://t.co/Sa1miUkJOp

  10. The Lions have a Hustle Tape they play in the DL room, & Darryl Tapp said Kyle Vanden Bosch is the Don Dada of hustle http://t.co/Ano0QHRbhk

  11. Darryl Tapp called ex-Lions DE Kyle Vanden Bosch "the Don Dada" of hustle, so of course I had to write about it http://t.co/Ano0QHRbhk

  12. Ramirez (right) and Tomlinson (left) will start at G. Tapp, Taylor, Walker & Cudjo on DL. Fuller for Megatron. Bynes for Levy.

  13. Lions DL: Darryl Tapp, Devin Taylor, Jermelle Cudjo and Tyrunn Walker starting on the DL for the Lions tonight.

  14. Darryl Tapp called Zach Zenner "Z2k," said it was a reference to his stats from college

  15. #Lions PFF grades from Fri on D: Abdul-Quddus (2.8), I. Johnson (2.5), Walker (2.1), Hunt (1.5) top. Tapp (-2.0), Philon (-1.8) bottom.

  16. Picture perfect: Lions' Tapp motivated by last year's snub http://t.co/Sa1miUkJOp via @freep

  17. A year ago Saturday, Darryl Tapp was cut by the Lions. Still has form telling him he wasn't good enough on his desk http://t.co/Sa1miUkJOp

  18. Lions DE Darryl Tapp on how he maintains his enthusiasm: We're playing a kid's game for a king's ransom.

  19. Lions DE Darryl Tapp grateful for NFL career: 'Kid's game for king's ransom' http://t.co/xoXeMfTo9v

  20. Tapp grateful for NFL career: 'Kid's game for king's ransom': The question-and-answer portion of the annual Li... http://t.co/arIxlt4LBo

  21. Darryl Tapp was dressed head to toe in Virginia Tech gear in locker room and said he was heading to Rob Sims' (OSU) to watch game tonight.

  22. Darryl Tapp said goal now is for Lions to make sure this is the asterisk, not the standard.

  23. Darryl Tapp on the Lions' defensive performance today: "We're banking on this being the asterisk not the standard"

  24. Lions lose in San Diego; Darryl Tapp: "We're banking on this being the asterisk and not the standard" http://t.co/Pt99QPZGSz via @freep

  25. VIDEO: #Lions Darryl Tapp says it's a cliche but they're going back to basics. http://t.co/fivYHIOs6x

  26. Jason Jones is 10th after Week 1, followed by Philip Hunt at 11th, Darryl Tapp at 15th and Ziggy at 28th

  27. Darryl Tapp called first two weeks of #Lions season the perfect storm of opponents -- next two weeks aren't easier: http://t.co/xLUzk0k44X

  28. Darryl Tapp’s birthday turns into a whodunit: Lions cornerback Josh Wilson acted like a doctor. Former Lions g... http://t.co/bPwMtcSyEC

  29. More inside help vs. Peterson. Hunt and Tapp are both up as backup DEs https://t.co/zDPD87ZGt8

  30. #Lions DE Darryl Tapp also expects Matthew Stafford to play on Sunday. How tough is the QB? Tapp uses words granite diamond to answer.

  31. C.J. Anderson is down after that carry. Helmet to helmet hit by Tapp.

  32. Ezekiel Ansah and Darryl Tapp warming up before the #Lions-#Broncos game. @ Ford Field https://t.co/Gb6pnSnE9c

  33. C.J. Anderson down on the field after taking a big shot by Daryl Tapp #DENvsDET

  34. Anderson walking off with a trainer on either side after a helmet-to-helmet hit by Darryl Tapp

  35. Darryl Tapp trying to rally the crowd at Ford Field.

  36. Taylor and Tapp starting this drive at defensive end. No Jason Jones

  37. Even Darryl Tapp getting in on Russell Wilson. Former #Seahawks DE beats Russell Okung forces INC

  38. I forgot about Darryl Tapp when mentioning former #Seahawks who are playing for Detroit.

  39. Wilson sacked by former #Seahawks DE Darryl Tapp.