1. Lorenzo Mauldin (concussion) is out here, wearing a helmet. ...Darrin Walls (hammy) just a spectator

  2. WRs Eric Decker and Chris Owusu and CB Darrin Walls without helmets at practice. OLB Lorenzo Mauldin has his on.

  3. Darrin Walls also not practicing.

  4. WR Eric Decker (sprained knee), WR Chris Owusu (leg) and CB Darrin Walls (hamstring) aren't practicing today for... http://t.co/kPAm7vlqns

  5. From @domcosentino: Eric Decker, Chris Owusu, Darrin Walls don't practice for Jets on Monday. http://t.co/HvmaLKrOl3

  6. Revis (groin) also DNP. Neither did Colon (knee), Decker (knee), Mauldin (concussion), Owusu (knee), Reilly (finger) + Walls (hammy)

  7. While Revis has his helmet with him during stretching, Darrin Walls has a cap on again. Looks like he won't practice. Hamstring.

  8. CB Darrin Walls (hamstring) and LB Trevor Reilly (finger) aren't practicing. #nyj

  9. Doesn't look like Darrin Walls or Trevor Reilly will practice today.

  10. Reilly, Walls Ivory, Decker did not practice. Owusu had surgery this morning. #nyj

  11. Bowles said Revis' injury doesn't appear serious. DNP: Ivory, Decker, Walls, Reilly DNP. ...Owusu had his knee scope today #jets

  12. DNP - Decker (knee), Ivory (quad), Owusu (knee scope), Reilly (finger), Walls (hammy) #jets

  13. Jets are warming up at practice. No helmet for Walls. Decker has his. So does Revis.

  14. Open part of Jets practice is complete. Don't bet on Walls or Reilly playing Sunday. Decker, Ivory, Mauldin up in air. Expect Revis to play.

  15. Ivory, Decker, Reilly & Walls - DNP. Decker & Ivory: game-time decisions. Reilly is out. Mauldin had a full practice, will play.

  16. Bowles: Decker, Ivory, Revis game-time decisions. Reilly, Walls are out. Mauldin will play.

  17. CB Darrin Walls, LB Trevor Reilly are out; LB Lorenzo Mauldin is expected to play. #nyj

  18. So here's the injury report: Decker, Ivory, Revis questionable; Mauldin probable; Walls, Reilly out. D. Smith is 100 percent healthy.

  19. #Jets injury report: Owusu, Reilly -- Out Walls -- Doubtful Revis, Decker, Ivory, Colon -- Questionable

  20. Jets injury report - OUT: Owusu, Reilly. DOUBTFUL: Walls. QUESTIONABLE: Colon, Decker, Ivory, Revis #nyj

  21. Darrin Walls is doubtful. Trevor Reilly and Chris Owusu are out.

  22. Predicting the Jets' inactives for tomorrow: WR Eric Decker, CB Darrin Walls, LB Trevor Reilly, WR Chris Owusu, G... http://t.co/fl3eqLhASt

  23. #Jets inactives for #PHIvsNYJ: - Chris Owusu - Darrin Walls - Trevor Reilly - Jarvis Harrison - Ben Ijalana - Eric Decker - Deon Simon

  24. Jets inactives: Decker, Chris Owusu, Darrin Walls, Trevor Reilly, Jarvis Harrison, Ben Ijalana, Deon Simon #nyj

  25. Other inactives: Chris Owusu, Darrin Walls, Trevor Reilly, Jarvis Harrison, Ben Ijalana, Deon Simon.

  26. Jets inactives: WR Eric Decker, CB Darrin Walls, G Jarvis Harrison, NT Deon Simon, WR Chris Owusu, LB Trevor... http://t.co/04767c9Hzv

  27. Jets practice: Darrelle Revis (hamstring), Chris Ivory (quad), Eric Decker (knee), Darrin Walls (hamstring) stretching with helmets on. #nyj

  28. Chris Ivory (quad) and Darrin Walls (hamatring) also warming up.

  29. Rehab area after stretching: Eric Decker, Chris Ivory, Darrin Walls, Antonio Cromartie. Trevor Reilly isn't practicing.

  30. Colon, Decker, Cumberland, Owusu, Reilly, Jarrett, and Walls did not practice. #nyj

  31. Colon, Decker, Walls, Reilly, Jarrett (knee), Cumberland did not practice. #nyj

  32. #Jets Did Not Practice on Thursday: G Willie Colon, TE Jeff Cumberland, WR Chris Owusu, LB Trevor Reilly, CB Darrin Walls #nyjets

  33. OUT: Willie Colon (knee), Jeff Cumberland (concussion), Chris Owusu (knee), Trevor Reilly (finger), Darrin Walls (hamstring) #jets

  34. Walls, Cumberland, Colon, Owusu and Reilly are all listed as 'Out' for the game against the Dolphins in London on Sunday.

  35. #Jets inactives #NYJvsMIA: - Chris Owusu - Darrin Walls - Jamari Lattimore - Jarvis Harrison - Willie Colon - Ben Ijalana - Jeff Cumberland

  36. Today's #Jets inactives: Chris Owusu, Jeff Cumberland, Willie Colon, Darrin Walls, Jamari Lattimore, Jarvis Harrison + Ben Ijalana

  37. The Jets' inactives: WR Chris Owusu, G Willie Colon, G Jarvis Harrison, LB Jamari Lattimore, CB Darrin Walls, TE... http://t.co/ptyJQW7lDN

  38. Darrin Walls working off to the side,, Chris Owusu watching special teams. Willie Colon participating early with OL. David Harris on field.

  39. Darrin Walls (hamstring) is going through special teams drill. He's optimistic about being available for Sunday.