1. Avery Bradley vs. Danny Green is turning into a matchup to watch early in the game. #Celtics #Spurs

  2. Green Won't Stop Shooting as He Adjusts to New Offense

  3. Green: 'I've Got to Take the Shot'

  4. Danny Green has made a couple hustle plays. That's all I got. This game is gross so far.

  5. Danny Green with the block ✋

  6. Pop effusive in praise of Green's D before game. Apprised Danny: "Yeah, until I make my first defensive mistake." And there you go

  7. Now Danny Green is getting in on blocking Melo's shots. This is getting disrespectful.


  9. 12 points for Danny Green. He's the Spurs' 4th player in double figures scoring.

  10. Spurs opt to put Danny Green on Wall and Parker on Porter.

  11. Danny Green's first shot was a liiiiiiiittle off.

  12. Now it's Danny Green with the reserves in a small-ball lineup. David West at the 5.

  13. A barrage of 3-pointers, so much passing, and an air-balled Danny Green floater. Now THIS is the Spurs team I remember.

  14. Tim Duncan is confident in the @spurs' future ‘as long as Danny Green stops sucking’ https://t.co/Kwm1q4TKF1 https://t.co/xY7OFeWSls

  15. Tim Duncan: Spurs Will Be Fine if Danny Green 'Stops Sucking' https://t.co/0mmnuCdcyA https://t.co/84oy1oqY7X

  16. Kawhi Leonard makes for an excellent case study of all of the above, but there are others. Danny Green, for instance

  17. The Spurs will be good for a long, long time. As long as Danny Green "stops sucking." https://t.co/mStXQQn85o https://t.co/4p8MVgFxiI

  18. Danny Green's luck this season. At last he drains a 3, and it's from out of bounds.

  19. That's been the Blazers: Play solid defense for 19 seconds, then give up a Danny Green driving layin at shot clock buzzer. Spurs lead 36-28

  20. Maybe Danny Green should start shooting finger roll threes

  21. Lot of worry about Danny Green's shooting early this season, but I guarantee it's not the first time he went 7 of 32 in any given stretch.

  22. Every @Spurs player touches the ball on this possession to get Danny Green the open trey on ESPN. #NBARapidReplay https://t.co/HJjdbSjYZH

  23. While Danny Green is currently struggling to make shots, @zacgraham finds a few reminders why Green can bounce back: https://t.co/RU170mnS5B

  24. That's a new one - Kyle Anderson dribble hand-off into a Danny Green 3-pointer. Spurs by 12, that was Green's first basket.

  25. And, with that Danny Green 3-pointer, the entire Spurs starting lineup has scored.

  26. Danny Green long ball puts Spurs up by 12. Green needed it. He's 1 of 6.

  27. Danny Green basically dribbles into a clock violation and Philly can cut it to 4.

  28. Danny Green always finishing his warmups in style  https://t.co/tE7NfnuTyj

  29. Danny Green, king of the pull-up mid-range jumper


  31. The Spurs are of the opinion Jokic travels every time he touches it. David West and Danny Green both griping about it. Worth watching.

  32.  Danny Green with the BLOCK! Kawhi on the other end with the THREE!

  33. There are few players in the NBA that are better than Danny Green at transition defense. For real. He's awesome at it.

  34. Huge help defense from Danny Green to bother AD on that dunk attempt. Almost just put 3 Spurs on a poster.

  35. Aldridge & Danny Green scored 14 of the Spurs' 21 points in the 2Q. Spurs shot 35% in 2Q w/ 4 assists on 8 makes.

  36. Spurs starting line-up for tonight: G Tony Parker, G Danny Green, F Kawhi Leonard, F Tim Duncan, and C David Robinson. jk, but man i wish!