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  6. We're back underway with live coverage from Sochi for Practice Two at the #RussianGP. All the latest on Red Bull with Ted and Johnny now...

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  16. Martin Brundle says that Christian Horner hasn't ruled out 'doing a Brawn' and salvaging RBR. Arden F1 has to be his back-up plan...

  17. "Their only option is to walk away or rebuild bridges with Renault," says Martin Brundle on Red Bull http://t.co/ALb4y5v57p #SkyF1

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  21. Sebastian Vettel says Red Bull quitting #F1 would be 'big shock' as its engine crisis deepens http://t.co/saQPv7frn7 http://t.co/ip7looQLRr

  22. "There are a lot of negotiations going on," Red Bull team boss Christian Horner tells Sky F1. "Nothing is fixed" http://t.co/xr1fSKsgDI

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  26. Word on the ground is that Ferrari have decided against supplying Red Bull with engines. Will the RB12 be propelled Flintstone-stylee?

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  30. Lot of talk now about RBR possibly staying with Renault. I suggested that to C Horner at Suzuka and he said he'd be surprised...

  31. . @therealdcf1 raises the possibility of Red Bull carrying on with Renault after all, after @amsonline report Ferrari have turned them down

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  34. Ferrari decide against supplying Red Bull with engines for 2016, according to reports http://t.co/dodYCBFMYY http://t.co/kqFoDruthP

  35. Reports in Germany say Ferrari only willing to supply Toro Rosso, and not main Red Bull team, with engines for 2016: http://t.co/4oKVgxCMMM

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  46. Verstappen 'not afraid' of Red Bull exit http://t.co/0CtinEkMso #F1

  47. #F1 Verstappen 'not afraid' of Red Bull exit http://t.co/16HZaprzXu (@Autosport) http://t.co/XmzBQhJZXM

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  50. Lewis Hamilton urges Red Bull to stay in F1 and work harder to get back to the front - http://t.co/GDA7aMKrXx #F1 http://t.co/eEuhEAqt5T

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