1. Donnell did say that he plans on wearing 85 for Fells in practice for the rest of the year.

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  3. After 20 Days in Hospital, Giants TE Fells (MRSA) Released

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  6. Besides being a NYG, Daniel Fells was also once a member of the Patriots.

  7. Very cool to see. #Giants TE Daniel Fells is on the sidelines, at his first game since the illness and surgeries https://t.co/oWWIdymre0

  8. Also in attendance today: Giants TE Daniel Fells, who was placed on IR while battling MRSA infection in October.

  9. Buzz: Fells' Infection Life-Threatening, NFL Career Over

  10. Giants Dedicate SNF Win to Daniel Fells

  11. Fells (Foot) Staying Positive: 'This Will Not Defeat Me'

  12. Great scene: #Giants TE Daniel Fells on the sideline for 1st time since being placed on IR while battling MRSA infection. He's doing well.

  13. TE Daniel Fells, feeling better following his scary battle with MRSA, is hanging out on... https://t.co/uAsrjMK4uW https://t.co/7LMvY92zKz

  14. Daniel Fells is here on the field, and almost the entire Giants team just walked by to shake his hand. Fells in a boot and on crutches.

  15. Fells is out of his boot but will not practice.

  16. #Giants TE Daniel Fells is on the field with his crutches and a boot on his foot. Lucky he didn't have his foot amputated due to MRSA

  17. Great to see former Patriot, current Giant Daniel Fells on sideline. Said slowly and steadily improving from scary bout with MRSA.

  18. Cool gesture by Larry Donnell to wear 85 for Daniel Fells today. Guess it's fitting a Giants 85 jersey was back out there for Patriots Week.

  19. Gronkowski says his former Patriots teammate Daniel Fells is "a great dude.''

  20. Larry Donnell plans to wear Daniel Fells' 85 practice jersey for rest of the year. Will ask if he can switch from 84 to 85 for games.

  21. Larry Donnell said he might ask Daniel Fells if he could wear 85 on game day as tribute to him. If so, he'd ask Coughlin, NFL for permission

  22. Larry Donnell and Victor Cruz were doing some running and catching on the side. Donnell wore Daniel Fells' practice jersey.

  23. Larry Donnell was wearing Daniel Fells' 85 jersey today, presumably as a tribute for his Giants teammate + fellow tight end. He was running

  24. TE Larry Donnell (neck) was on the side working in a Daniel Fells 85 jersey today

  25. Daniel Fells is getting better, but he needed an eighth surgery to treat a MRSA infection https://t.co/rdLRfTg4fV

  26. Giants news, 11/6: Daniel Fells has eighth surgery on right foot #nyg https://t.co/O8QQk26gAM https://t.co/N5opSIndL7

  27. Giants TE Daniel Fells undergoes eighth foot surgery after MRSA infection https://t.co/eqQI8xPCQ6 https://t.co/IuyYRdpIPf

  28. TE Daniel Fells undergoing an 8th surgery. ... MRSA is no joke. ... https://t.co/eS4WfY193S

  29. The New York Giants' Daniel Fells has had seven surgeries to treat a staph infection. More are planned, but after being in the hospital for nearly 3 weeks, he got to come home to this. (via @danielfells85)

  30. Daniel Fells gets great welcome home from his kids ... https://t.co/vh1rRLboFx

  31. After three weeks of fighting a MRSA infection, @Giants TE Daniel Fells was welcomed home by his two biggest fans: https://t.co/mUiM9IbWYN

  32. Daniel Fells' kids were super-excited to see him return home from the hospital. ... https://t.co/ICsrbzO4KB

  33. Giants TE Daniel Fells returns home to a warm welcome from his kids after being released from the hospital. https://t.co/avZW9kx2yA

  34. If you haven't seen this video, do check it out. The look on Daniel Fells' face is absoltuely priceless. https://t.co/sE0Zt8AuFk

  35. Daniel Fells returns home to his family and heartwarming greeting from his kids. WATCH: https://t.co/rF5ovYTj8s https://t.co/ToWBtAdH0i

  36. DADDY! Giants TE Daniel Fells' kids are SO glad he's home from the hospital: https://t.co/IEI8PVKYEQ https://t.co/HiI5yYd6WY

  37. AWESOME: Giants' Daniel Fells returns home to his adoring children https://t.co/A6yg5KvFMo https://t.co/J3A7fjhY3v

  38. Daniel Fells returns home, posts heartwarming video of his kids https://t.co/IsnW7qp673 https://t.co/oYhFnY9FNd

  39. VIDEO: Giants' TE Daniel Fells reunites with his kids after leaving hospital! ❤️ = MELTED! https://t.co/0kP5uglzO7 https://t.co/k3OYpVitMr

  40. NFL's Daniel Fells -- Emotional Return Home ... After 3 Weeks In Hospital (Video) https://t.co/L0Cny7KSVa

  41. Watch Daniel Fells reunite with his 2 young children after he returns from the hospital. Awesome sight. https://t.co/liTz0Gi1Zk

  42. Video: Daniel Fells returns home to children https://t.co/4xRLq8iBha