1. No sign of Dan Orlovsky warming up yet

  2. Hey, Dan Orlovsky might get to play on Thanksgiving at this rate...

  3. Detroit Lions bench QB Matthew Stafford in favor of Dan Orlovsky http://t.co/4MwbWujFNM

  4. Matthew Stafford benched for Dan Orlovsky, who hadn't thrown a regular-season pass since 2012 http://t.co/LP2N5MXRjN http://t.co/MkKcZVy5t9

  5. Dan Orlovsky replaces Matthew Stafford at quarterback for the #Lions after Stafford's third interception: http://t.co/aK3ZbUVqAu

  6. Dan Orlovsky replaces Matthew Stafford at quarterback for the Lions http://t.co/FQXn5nW4fl

  7. Dan Orlovsky and Drew Stanton are facing off against each other at Ford Field.

  8. So now you've got one 2008 Lions QB,, Dan Orlovsky, facing another 2008 #Lions QB, Drew Stanton. And he gets cheers.

  9. Dan Orlovsky just threw a beautiful deep ball, but Corey Fuller dropped it.

  10. Dan Orlovsky just threw an interception, the sixth Lions turnover of the game.

  11. Orlovsky with a pick now. 6th turnover of the day for the Lions

  12. Orlovsky with an interception makes it six turnovers for the Lions. #AZvsDET

  13. Fun Fact: Dan Orlovsky and Drew Stanton are opposing QBs in Detroit right now. They were both part of the 0-16 Lions in 2008.

  14. The Lions have turned to Dan Orlovsky?! THIS Dan Orlovsky?! #BoldStrategyCotton http://t.co/8SNhIVVDhL

  15. Dan Orlovsky back to pass... Throws a complete pass to Larry Fitzgerald. Wait, huh? #AZvsDET http://t.co/5grPbvzfsO

  16. Orlovsky hits Lance Moore for a 13-yard TD. #AZvsDET

  17. OK, get out your pom-pons - Orlovsky to Lance Moore for TD. Cardinals up 42-17

  18. Your new clubhouse leader for #ThatHelpsNoOne is Dan Orlovsky to Lance Moore. They play for the Lions in case you were wondering. #AZvsDET

  19. Orlovsky hits Moore for a 13 yard Detroit touchdown. #AZCardinals 42, #Lions 17 with 1:29 to play. #AZvsDET

  20. Lions attempted 70 passes today: Orlovsky 21/38, 191 yd 1 TD, 1int Stafford 20/32, 188 yds, 1 TD, 3Int #AZvsDET

  21. Now that we’ve seen Dan Orlovsky, we know that nothing — NOTHING — is impossible. https://t.co/vT8i6gu1AA

  22. When's last time an NFL team had two QBs throw 30+ passes in same game? Lions had Stafford throw 32, Orlovsky throw 38 in Cards loss today.

  23. Dan Orlovsky on if he expects to start: "You've got one of the better young arms in this league, so I don't have that expectation." #Lions

  24. Matthew Stafford still the #Lions starter despite benching in favor of Dan Orlovsky: http://t.co/GKOg05Gfdu

  25. Also, Matthew Stafford and Dan Orlovsky spoke. There may have been others, but ones I mentioned took their time to answer almost every one.

  26. (Lions off snaps out of 95): Dan Orlovsky 42, Corey Fuller 32, Zach Zenner 30, TJ Jones 18, Ameer Abdullah 15

  27. Snap counts from Sunday: Stafford took 53 snaps, Orlovsky 42 http://t.co/v7ZFnIGxCr

  28. Stafford (20-of-32) and Orlovsky (21-of-38) combined Sunday to set an NFL record with 70 pass attempts in a regulation game.

  29. If your QB has recently been benched for Dan Orlovsky or once spent a year in prison, your team might be at risk to lose to the Chargers.

  30. Not sure what it means, but Orlovsky warming up on sideline. #Lions

  31. Looks like Orlovsky coming in for the Lions

  32. And if the Jets are really looking to trade for a quarterback, I don't think they have a guy like Orlovsky in mind.

  33. Dan Orlovsky and Jim Caldwell defend Matthew Stafford's IQ. So does Matthew Stafford. https://t.co/OTH3jbVZLz https://t.co/mBUzLfJGwl

  34. Lions QB Matthew Stafford defends IQ; Dan Orlovsky rips NFL Network too https://t.co/nH4PYrbEYs

  35. Lions backup QB Dan Orlovsky called Matthew Stafford a "pocket nerd" today: "It’s not that I think he’s smart; I know he’s smart."

  36. Dan Orlovsky fires back at reports that Matthew Stafford couldn't handle offense https://t.co/LrgXJfchtL https://t.co/s2cm3t5Occ