Oregon's Top QBs of All Time

By Ariel Bedford (Photo: Darryl Webb/Nike)

When you think of Oregon football, images of trailblazing boldness flash through one's mind. They're easily known as the front-runners in the future of college sports. Flashy, even...



NFL: Most Overrated Players of The Past 40 Years Part 2

by John Lewis

While my first article about the NFL's most overrated players of the Super Bowl era received some interesting feedback, I decided to put together another list of over hyped players from around the league...



Coaching Coalition: Chargers Brain Trust to Field Top-Level Product

by Michael Scarr

Every NFL team has an identity and for most that is the head coach. While Philip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson personify the club on the field, it is Norv Turner who provides the underlying fundamentals of what it currently means to be the Chargers..