1. Expected to practice: Prince Amukamara, Leon McFadden, Damontre Moore, Weston Richburg, Geoff Schwartz, J.T. Thomas, Uani 'Unga.

  2. Giants expected to practice: Prince, McFadden, Damontre Moore, Richburg, Schwartz, J.T. Thomas, Unga.

  3. LBs JT Thomas (ankle) and Uani 'Unga (neck) expected to practice today. Ditto OL Geoff Schwartz (ankle) and DE Damontre Moore (hamstring).

  4. ... CB Leon McFadden (groin), DE Damontre Moore (hamstring), G Justin Pugh (concussion), C Weston Richburg (ankle) ...

  5. WATCH: @Giants DE Damontre Moore (@tmoore94) works to limit penalties https://t.co/J2b8xUnfMK https://t.co/B2b7SPIWrT

  6. Damontre Moore on fellow ex-Aggie Johnny Manziel: 'He'll get it together' https://t.co/1TBFT5hkgw https://t.co/P1EJTbeREk

  7. Giants injuries: DE Damontre Moore (hamstring), C Weston Richburg (ankle), and G Justin Pugh (in the concussion protocol).

  8. Pugh is in the concussion protocol after headache symptoms persisted. Damontre Moore has a hamstring injury. Richburg ankle.

  9. Damontre Moore has a hamstring injury, per #Giants

  10. Damontre Moore is dealing with a hamstring injury, hence he ran outside. Weston Richburg continues to deal with high ankle sprain.

  11. Damontre Moore has a hamstring injury #Giants

  12. Damontre Moore has a hamstring injury.

  13. Per Giants, Hamstring for Damontre Moore and Pugh is in concussion protocol.

  14. Weston Richburg not practicing. Didn't really expect him to. Damontre Moore a surprise running on the side.

  15. DE Damontre Moore was working with the trainers outside while the Giants practiced inside today. Not sure of his injury yet.

  16. Damontre Moore must have hurt himself during the bye week. He was running outside while the team was practicing inside.

  17. Damontre Moore not practicing today. Working outside with trainer. #Giants

  18. Damontre Moore has earned his reputation; Now, can he shake it? https://t.co/jIrl9hrCHp

  19. I asked Damontre Moore about his 'penalty guy' reputation. He said, "If the shoe fits.": https://t.co/jIrl9hrCHp

  20. The #Giants have talked to NFL about calls against Damontre Moore #NJcom https://t.co/aFaNd8MEoW https://t.co/L7puI9MuoB

  21. Nunn on Damontre Moore: "He's got to be smart about it because he is a marked man."

  22. Reese says he's spoken to the league office and was told some of the fouls on Damontre Moore should not have been called.

  23. Reese said Giants have talked to league office about some of the penalties on Damontre Moore, but that Moore has a "stigma" now

  24. Damontre Moore and the Giants must pressure Tom Brady -- without roughing him. https://t.co/Op54iq9Rc9 https://t.co/dB9MTfiCqP

  25. Damontre Moore and the Giants must pressure Tom Brady -- without roughing him. https://t.co/g6tBsb4KxE https://t.co/r5YoPKoQgv

  26. Tom Coughlin: It's up to Damontre Moore to shed 'penalty guy' reputation https://t.co/z5zsgkXqVH

  27. Damontre Moore and the Giants get caught up in the rough stuff. https://t.co/172xWxLzvG https://t.co/LPt7Oc06CV

  28. Coughlin: Damontre Moore needs to play out of 'penalty guy' rep @Newsday https://t.co/YRiagxxeFg

  29. Coughlin: "Penalty guy" Damontre Moore has to change the perception #nyg https://t.co/d453C0BMn8 https://t.co/ePUzMaiiJp

  30. That Ayers/JPP right side combo also had Damontre Moore at LDE and Cullen Jenkins at LDT. Spags' NASCAR. Whitlock at RDT, Ayers at LDE too

  31. #Giants DE snap breakdown, per NFL: JPP 45 Robert Ayers 42 George Selvie 21 Kerry Wynn 20 Damontre Moore 11

  32. Wow, Damontre Moore was dangerously close to another roughing the passer penalty again. Went late at Winston's knees.

  33. Giants move Robert Ayers again to RDT with JPP at RDE, Damontre Moore at LDE + Jenkins at LDT on 2nd and goal

  34. This is 17 snaps for Jason Pierre-Paul in that first half. One more if you count Damontre Moore's roughing-the-passer play.

  35. Damontre Moore makes his presence felt - with a roughing-the-passer penalty. Shocking, right?

  36. Damontre Moore roughing the passer penalty. Tell me if you've heard that before #Giants

  37. And there's Damontre Moore with his once-a-game roughing-the-passer penalty.

  38. Damontre Moore roughing the passer penalty. How can they keep putting this guy on the field?

  39. HOPE YOU'RE SITTING DOWN: Damontre Moore flagged for roughing the passer.