1. Quinton de Kock Is Completely Terrified by Dale Steyn's Prank

    For a moment, South African wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock was completely terrified of team-mate Dale Steyn . And maybe rightfully? De Kock made a catch for himself and in the process called off Steyn , who is 10 years De Kock 's senior.

    Sean Swaby Written by Sean Swaby about 13 days ago 44,316 reads 18 comments

  2. Ranking the Top 50 Bowlers in Modern Test Cricket by Strike Rate

    For bowlers in Test cricket, one figure they wish to keep as low as possible during their career is their strike rate, which indicates the number of balls they deliver per wicket...

    Chris Teale Written by Chris Teale about 27 days ago 5,236 reads 5 comments