1. Courtney Upshaw picked a good time to end his sack drought https://t.co/qzqPpW29Sr #RavensTalk https://t.co/w6pvwwDXmX

  2. Courtney Upshaw thought Suggs just tweaked his knee or something. Found out toward the end of the game he was lost for the season. #Ravens

  3. Ravens could use Upshaw and Dumervil as starters. Rely on Za'Darius Smith who was inactive today. Also call up Beyer from p squad.

  4. He's also a smarter player than given credit for. Upshaw said today that Suggs was calling out some of Denver's plays ahead of time.

  5. Harbaugh said they feel like they have internal options to fill void from Suggs. Dumervil will start opposite Upshaw.

  6. But for now, Elvis Dumervil will start at Suggs' rush LB spot. Upshaw will stay on strong side. Za'Darius Smith will get reps behind both

  7. Watch LIVE as Joe Flacco, Courtney Upshaw & Elvis Dumervil address the media: http://t.co/Q2NZhPfpNu http://t.co/PxwwmMtXUy

  8. Third-and-5, Ravens rushed just 3. Dropped Upshaw into coverage.

  9. Courtney Upshaw called for pass interference as he drops into coverage. Which is right where Raiders want him #RavensTalk

  10. Stop me if you've heard this one before. Courtney Upshaw does not belong in coverage. #Ravens

  11. Kendrick Lewis (-3.5), Courtney Upshaw (-3.3) and Kyle Arrington (-2.5) were the lowest graded defensive players, per PFF.

  12. Upshaw drops what should've been sure interception. Kind of plays Ravens defense just not making.

  13. #Bengals get a break when Courtney Upshaw couldn't hang onto pass A.J. Green bobbled

  14. Near interception by Courtney Upshaw on tipped pass.

  15. WHOOP. Almost intercepted by Upshaw after ball pops up in the air on the bubble screen. Nearly a big break for Baltimore. #RavensTalk

  16. On third down, Upshaw comes up the middle to pressure Dalton, who rushes the throw incomplete. Ravens force the punt #RavensTalk

  17. Upshaw rushed Dalton, forcing the dumpoff. Ravens get the ball. Seven Nation Army is alive and well at the Bank.

  18. Asked Courtney Upshaw if Ben R being hurt means Ravens caught a break: "No, bc it's Mike Vick. He's one of the best to do it w/ his feet"

  19. You could be just ONE Courtney Upshaw cheap shot away from the Landry Jones Regular Season Debut, #Steelers fans...

  20. Phil Simms called the mugging of Courtney Upshaw a good "no-call". UFB!

  21. Ravens are left with Courtney Upshaw, Za'Darius Smith and Jason Babin at OLB. McClellan can play there too in a pinch.

  22. With Babin gone, Ravens have Upshaw, ZSmith, injured Dumervil as OLBs, with McClellan probably playing OLB as well #RavensTalk

  23. But Babin's release leaves Ravens with just 3 healthy OLBs: Courtney Upshaw, Za'Darius Smith and Albert McClellan. Dumervil has groin issue

  24. What has happened to Courtney Upshaw? http://t.co/R9lpfRevPn http://t.co/Utvm5ErBwx

  25. With Jimmy Smith, Will Hill and Marshal Yanda now signed, that leaves Kelechi Osemele, Courtney Upshaw and Justin Tucker as top FAs.

  26. #Ravens have locked up Yanda, J. Smith and Will Hill. K.O., Upshaw and Tucker remain top FA's following 2015 season.

  27. #Ravens top FAs in 2016 are now K Justin Tucker, G Kelechi Osemele and LB Courtney Upshaw. Tucker is leading candidate for franchise tag.

  28. #Dolphins' Matthews, #Chiefs' Smith, #Ravens' Upshaw among potential AFC trade candidates http://t.co/w7DZanYE8b

  29. The Niners have two defensive starters left from the Super Bowl. Well that's one more than the Ravens have (Upshaw).

  30. On third-and-9 Upshaw gets to Bortles and hits him just as he throws. Incomplete. Pressure will be key for Ravens #RavensTalk

  31. Rare forced three-and-out as Upshaw slammed Bortles. Ravens entered game with worst-ranked defense on 3rd down in league.

  32. Sack/fumble. Ravens recover. Upshaw came in and got around the edge for the sack/fumble. Not good.

  33. #Ravens' Courtney Upshaw ends sack drought in timely fashion https://t.co/fWzmADHeX3

  34. ICYMI: Brandon Williams, Courtney Upshaw, and C.J. Mosley were the biggest defensive standouts #Filmstudy #Ravens https://t.co/gAUHHDfN0l

  35. Courtney Upshaw saved his sack for the perfect moment: https://t.co/SQgeFJyekt https://t.co/BY5SW1wfG7

  36. Harbaugh: C.J. Mosley played "at a really high level yesterday".. Said the same about Upshaw, Jernigan, Brandon Williams #RavensTalk

  37. Ravens top grades Sunday from @PFF: Upshaw (+4.7), BWilliams (+4.1), Juszczyk (+2.7), Jernigan (+2.3), Mosley (+1.8) #RavensTalk

  38. Lost amid Flacco injury: Ravens D did a solid job on Gurley, and Courtney Upshaw's huge strip-sack was 1st in 2 years #RavensTalk

  39. And Courtney Upshaw gets that long-awaited snack and forces fumble. Guy recovers Ravens in Rams territory. This game is a rock fight