1. Shout out to everyone that sent me questions for my @KlipschAudioCAN takeover. Hope y'all learned some new things about me and the squad...

  2. Cory Joseph Hits 3 at Buzzer to Top Wiz

  3. Joseph Beats Buzzer with 3 as Raptors Beat Wizards 84-82

  4. Watch: Cory-Jo Puts Beal in Spin Cycle

  5. Canada's Cory Joesph Fits Ujiri's Vision

  6. Taking over for my crew @KlipschAudioCAN's handle in a few...Follow them and toss me some questions there with #KlipschComp10

  7.  Happy you & your Family had a great time!!! #jyd2point0Trivia for Denver Home Game so Everybody… https://t.co/VWicviNhFP

  8. RealSport “@liishalovexo: @DeMarreCarroll1 why is it so hard to find & buy your jersey for my husband's bday gift! ☹#helpapregnantladyout

  9. Improved D, Slim Lowry and Drizzy in the 6: Raptors Season Preview

  10. Watch: Corey Joseph Beats the Buzzer for Canada

  11. Met the Milton Stags rising star Luca and his family at the game today. Thanks for cheering for me and the @raptors!

  12. Tough home loss tonight, couldn't finish well enough. We'll use the next couple of days to recharge the batteries. #WeTheNorth #GodBless

  13. Doug. Baldwin.

  14. This was a TOUGH Decision.. But @nagiubbb you are the winner today of the #jyd2point0Trivia.. Please… https://t.co/fBAN57odSS

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  17. NOW I FEEL BETTER...Thanks to my REAL FANS!!! Free Jerseys coming soon for some of… https://t.co/22Yevz0sia

  18. So, this was the zone...@Cory_Joe shot a 3 over a couple of guys...lol...Wasn't pretty but we take the W. #WeTheNorth #TeamEffort #GodBless

  19. Man that number 30 is really good lol....

  20. ....#wethenorth #Teamcarroll #jyd2point0 #Blessed https://t.co/mrOhn0hWal

  21. Waking up the beast :)) #happyfeet #ddr

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  23. Be careful out there today.. #BlackFriday

  24. Happy thanksgiving. Eat up and enjoy your family.

  25.  #Teamcarroll #jyd2point0 #wethenorth #Blessed https://t.co/m05ObzLE3Z

  26. Mood on Thanksgiving.. 旅 #turkeyday @waajid_9 https://t.co/yhx6LrFMVb

  27. I just got up, going back to sleep in a little bit trust https://t.co/IEd6raINC1

  28. Happy thanksgiving !! Enjoy the day my American people's P.s my eagles are not playing well right now not making my turkey day better

  29. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!! #Teamcarroll #jyd2point0 #Blessed #carrollfamily https://t.co/mCORxGFu53

  30. Give thanks to The Lord simply because He is, for who He is in and of Himself. https://t.co/ObzW5JSciM

  31. HARD FOUGHT WIN!!! We did it as a TEAM!! "Hard work is a Talent" #Teamcarroll #jyd2point0 #wethenorth… https://t.co/6g2g1JPHRk

  32. Wow, first #DrakeNight for me and our building was hot! Thanks fans for pushing us, great win! #WeTheNorth #Biznation #GodBless

  33. To my 2-year-old: "Hey JJ, look, ever seen a chainsaw before?" - Grandpa Rocky #ThanksgivingWithMountainFolk

  34. Ashton Martin @dontlinkme - No One https://t.co/VnvrnjTpw0 https://t.co/qoOLVA7LoQ

  35. Norm's got that Hotline Bling! #thatcanonlymeanonething https://t.co/ZWnIBFxS0N

  36. Shout out to @nikesportswear for my Air Max 1 "The 6". Wearing these to our game tomorrow...

  37. Shout out to @nikesportswear for my Air Max 1 "The 6". Wearing these to our game tomorrow. https://t.co/VFkVTBFVmG

  38. Great times with great people @SportChek

  39. One year ago Ferguson flared. And NFL player @BenjaminSWatson’s response struck a nerve—watch him tonight at 8:30 ET https://t.co/ptOSlEnbHm

  40. 808's and heartbreaks great album but reminded me I'm getting up there , this came out my 3rd year in

  41. Man this Charlotte-Sacramento has been great!

  42. No big bucks but had a great weekend at the Wiersma Ranch.

  43. Who Did this?!?!  #WeTheNorth #Jyd2point0 #Blessed #GrindDaily #TeamCarroll https://t.co/rF0IXaNCUE

  44. TOMORROW NIGHT! Private screening of the movie "Legend" starring Tom… https://t.co/NjhXwXweui

  45. TOMORROW NIGHT! Private screening of @k8parkes movie "Legend" starring… https://t.co/XTmMh0i3uN