1. College Football Rankings 2014: Latest Look at Week 2 Polls and Standings

    When you think of all the hype surrounding the preseason college football polls, then look at where things stand after just one week of games, it shows how ridiculous it is to have a ranking system come out before there's anything to evaluate teams by..

    Adam Wells Written by Adam Wells about 12 months ago 9,027 reads 1 comments

  2. College Football Rankings 2014: Official Week 2 Polls and Playoff Projections

    What a difference one week can make in the college football season. Before Week 1 began, the biggest debate surrounding the FBS was the validity of the rankings...

    Sean ODonnell Written by Sean ODonnell about 12 months ago 952 reads 0 comments

  3. NCAA Football Rankings 2014: Week 2 Standings for College's Top 25 Teams

    A wild Week 1 in college football is likely to produce some huge shakeups when the updated rankings are released. But prior to the polls being released, it's time to take a look back at where each team started the season...

    R. Cory Smith Written by R. Cory Smith about 12 months ago 44,469 reads 1 comments

  4. College Football Rankings 2014: Updated Outlook Before Week 2 Polls

    The opening week of the 2014 college football season proved well worth the wait. With the weekly ritual of football back in our lives, so follows the release of those pesky polls to tell us how the top schools stack up...

    Andrew Gould Written by Andrew Gould about 12 months ago 37,586 reads 0 comments

  5. Jameis Winston, Florida St. May Find Path to Keeping Title as Hard as Winning It

    Unbeaten? Very possible. Invincible? Not so fast, my friend. When preseason No. 1 and defending national champion Florida State opened its season against Oklahoma State on ...

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