1. Authentic, transparent Hurdle leads Pirates http://t.co/HTR0eeAWHV http://t.co/4b6ShtrUxo

  2. Clint Hurdle buys Whole Life Insurance. Goes with 22.5 man roster. #Pirates

  3. DT Bangin' on the Bucs: The Pirates Wild Card Roster: Hurdle buys the Whole Life Insurance Policy http://t.co/AzXEQPZody

  4. The Pirates Wild Card Roster: Hurdle buys the Whole Life Insurance http://t.co/AzXEQPZody

  5. Clint Hurdle obviously not concerned about being second-guessed if this doesn’t work out. This is an all-time, outside-the-box. #Pirates

  6. Hurdle trying to get to 7 innings and a 1 run game. I’ve pulled for defense all year. This is shocking for sure. #PIraets

  7. Hurdle on SRod starting: 'Fall baseball is all about pitching and defense for me.'

  8. Clint Hurdle on sitting Alvarez: We have our best pitcher going, we wanted our best defense too.

  9. #pirates Hurdle on why Alvarez is benched tonight http://t.co/YKNmXIXqsg

  10. Hurdle's first reaction to the inevitable Alvarez question http://t.co/OjLHGVRHK7

  11. Hurdle on making out his #Pirates lineup: We're trying to win 1 Game to move on."

  12. Clint Hurdle just called Keon Broxton the best base stealer in the #Pirates organization.

  13. Clint Hurdle: "Did anybody win the lineup pool? [two hands raise] I like the fact that there are only three of us thinking the same way."

  14. You got to love Clint Hurdle who keeps his bunch loose like Maddon . " Who won the lineup pool he asked in his media session .

  15. Easily the best interaction in Clint Hurdle’s pregame press conference on wild-card day. #Pirates http://t.co/St3vjMlaf8

  16. Clint Hurdle now on @970espn. Check it out. http://t.co/v9R4HNA1AF

  17. Pregame: Clint Hurdle explains Pirates' Wild Card lineup http://t.co/iO7ljGeHD9 http://t.co/ZITFld2XpO

  18. Hurdle’s decision to start SRod at first is pretty straightforward. He’s viewing 5 or 6 innings of defense as more important than 1 at bat.

  19. SRod is starting at 1B. My thoughts on the rest. RT Pirates Wild Card Roster: Hurdle Buys Whole Life Insurance Policy http://t.co/AzXEQPHMOY

  20. Clint Hurdle on why Sean Rodriguez starts at 1st for the Pirates for the first time since July 21: "We're... http://t.co/3gajSTcq4b

  21. Clint Hurdle playing his best defensive team...Joe Maddon playing his best offensive team...conservative vs Bold... http://t.co/b1SuaolBvH

  22. Thanks to Joe Maddon, Clint Hurdle, Ned Yost, Billy Eppler, Bob Gibson and Mike Ferrin for joining us on #InsidePitch today @MLBNetworkRadio

  23. Clint Hurdle uses first basemen the way NHL coaches uses line shifts

  24. If I’m Clint Hurdle, I pinch-hit Pedro Alvarez for Sean Rodriguez leading off the third. No need for defensive specialists down 3-0.

  25. Pedro Alvarez batting for Sean Rodriguez. D for O trade comes earlier than Hurdle wanted perhaps

  26. The SRod experiment turned out to be a red herring at worst. Hurdle might lose sleep over this game, but it won't be because of that.

  27. Announcers: How do you feel about Cole's first three innings? Hurdle: You should try to ask a dumber question, just to see if it's possible

  28. Cubs to Clint Hurdle and crew: Buc off.

  29. Clint Hurdle says that Sean Rodriguez looks like Al Pacino in the movie "Serpico.'' A little "Rocky" thrown in as well.

  30. Hurdle answered that question in my article: http://t.co/SebD7bqaYh https://t.co/YlDj3uhZlv

  31. Clint Hurdle: "Sports is hard. Life's not fair. You go out and play. You get beat, you move on."

  32. Hurdle: "(Arrieta) is dotting everything up ... and Cervelli gets pitched hot up top, so I don't think anybody was a fan of that."

  33. Hurdle said Pirates displeased with Cervelli hit up and in, especially with the command Arrieta had tonight.

  34. "Sometimes you draw a tough bull. Two years in a row, we've drawn a tough bull."--Clint Hurdle @pirates

  35. Really interesting thoughts on the mental side of Hurdle's lineup from @genecollier: http://t.co/4J7z3EKujy

  36. Decisions made hours before game shaped #Cubs win over #Pirates. Hurdle went glove. Maddon went bat. Maddon advanced. http://t.co/FejcyrJNaH

  37. Pirates notebook from @stephenjnesbitt: Hurdle opts for defense rather than power with Rodriguez at first base. http://t.co/Vg98lYreZF

  38. Hurdle thought strike zone was called fairly even and this supports position https://t.co/uxTO4yQ9jz