1. David Blatt Says Israel's War Against Hamas Is Justified

    Before David Blatt became the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers , he was in Israel leading Maccabi Tel Aviv to a European club basketball championship.....

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  2. Report: LeBron James Autographed High School Jersey on Sale for $50K

    For the low, introductory price of $50,000, you can own what's alleged to be an authentic LeBron James St. Vincent-St. Mary High School jersey...

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  3. Best Kevin Love Trade Packages Cavaliers Can Offer Without Andrew Wiggins

    After months (years?) of resisting a Kevin Love trade, it appears the Minnesota Timberwolves have finally accepted the inevitable. Charley Walters of the St...

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  4. Cavaliers Rumors: Cavs to Target Signing Emeka Okafor?

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  5. LeBron James Sends out Message to Paul George After Injury

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  6. Cavaliers Rumors: Cleveland to Hire Larry Drew?

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  7. Ohioans Forgive LeBron Following His Return to the Cavaliers, Poll Finds

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  8. Does LeBron James Need Kevin Love to Compete for 2015 Title?

    LeBron James has a reason to subscribe to the Big Three theory of NBA championship-team construction. Two reasons, actually...

    Zach Buckley Written by Zach Buckley about 26 days ago 52,106 reads 374 comments

  9. Why Cleveland Cavaliers Should Think Twice About Completing Kevin Love Trade

    Turning back is still an option for the Cleveland Cavaliers . Kevin Love 's arrival has been deemed imminent. Sources tossed around words like "inevitable" and "when"—not "if"—while speaking with ESPN...

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  10. What LeBron James and Cleveland Cavs Need from Mike Miller

    Most superheroes work alone. Superman is a one-man show. Batman has Robin, but not in the Dark Knight series. Spiderman, too, walks to the beat of his own drum. LeBron James is a different breed of hero...

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  11. Kevin Love Sweepstakes Leaves No. 1 Pick Battling Uncertainty

    For virtually every player in attendance at the NBA 's annual rookie photo shoot Sunday in Westchester, it was a carefree day spent shuttling from one station to another doing a series of poses for the cameras...

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  12. Andrew Wiggins' Star Potential Will Show No Matter Where He Plays

    Andrew Wiggins is the type of prospect who is destined for a great career in the NBA . The team he plays for first will partially define the beginning of his NBA journey, but it won't change the bottom line...

    Brian Mazique Written by Brian Mazique about 28 days ago 26,943 reads 162 comments

  13. How Cleveland Cavaliers Would Cover for Kevin Love's Defensive Deficiencies

    The Cleveland Cavaliers could put up cheat-code-aided video game numbers with Kevin Love on board, but they might need every last one of them. This has not been a good defensive team, and Love carries the reputation of a turnstile...

    Zach Buckley Written by Zach Buckley about 29 days ago 15,565 reads 87 comments

  14. Kyrie Irving Says Cavs Could Use a Guy Who Sounds Exactly Like Kevin Love

    It's pretty safe to say that Kyrie Irving would—wait for it—love to have Kevin Love on the Cleveland Cavaliers ...

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  15. Would Trade to Timberwolves Jump-Start or Stall Andrew Wiggins' Development?

    Somewhere within the depths of Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors lies Andrew Wiggins ' future development and how it relates to the outcome of incessant chatter...

    Dan Favale Written by Dan Favale about 29 days ago 13,381 reads 43 comments

  16. LeBron James License Plate Proposed to Celebrate His Return

    A Northeast Ohio lawmaker wants Ohioans to bear witness to their excitement about LeBron James' return to Cleveland with a new special license plate...

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  17. Ranking the Cleveland Cavaliers' Offseason Acquisitions

    It's been a historic offseason for the Cleveland Cavaliers , one that may still be far from over. The signing of LeBron James and drafting of Andrew Wiggins have certainly headlined ...

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  18. Kevin Love-Cavs Trade Would Greatly Up the Ante for All Involved

    Acquiring Kevin Love is just the beginning for the Cleveland Cavaliers . League insiders told ESPN...

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  19. How Kyrie Irving Can Use 2014 FIBA World Cup to Prove Himself to LeBron James

    The world will be watching when Kyrie Irving takes the floor with Team USA for August's FIBA World Cup in Spain. More importantly, so will LeBron James...

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  20. How Will Andrew Wiggins Develop If Dealt to Minnesota?

    Basketball was my favorite sport to play growing up. I spent long days at an empty neighborhood park shooting hoops with a worn-out, crappy ball and a good friend...

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  21. Kevin Durant Calls LeBron James' Move to Cleveland 'classy'

    Despite being cross-conference rivals and having lost to LeBron James in the 2012 NBA Finals, Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant spoke highly of the four-time MVP's decision ...

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  22. Why Dion Waiters Should Embrace Sixth-Man Role for Cleveland Cavaliers

    Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Dion Waiters wants to start next season. But if he wants a chance to showcase his offensive skills, he needs to embrace the sixth-man role he was born to fill...

    Zach Buckley Written by Zach Buckley about 1 month ago 13,201 reads 81 comments

  23. Do Cleveland Cavaliers Still Need More Outside Shooting?

    Three-point shooting seems to be all the rage in the NBA these days. It's not only the quickest way to mount a dramatic comeback, but also serves as a valuable momentum builder (or killer) when used effectively...

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  24. Cavs Have to Go Through Bulls First

    If you haven't heard, LeBron James has gone home to Northeast Ohio. Good for his legacy. Great for the Cavaliers . Fantastic material for a future autobiographical best-seller...

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