1. David Blatt on the Cavaliers: 'Things Are Fine'

    Embattled coach David Blatt brushed off criticism in recent reports that he has lost the Cavaliers ' locker room, and pointedly disagreed with the idea that assistant Tyronn Lue has called timeouts behind his back...

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  2. What's the Breaking Point for Cleveland Cavaliers and David Blatt?

    David Blatt and the Cleveland Cavaliers are not who they're supposed to be. LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving have not meshed together as planned. Losers of their last six contests, the Cavaliers are now below ...

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  3. Elhassan: LeBron Hasn't Been Giving Max Effort

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  4. Byron Scott Felt He Left Cleveland with 'unfinished Business'

    EL SEGUNDO, CALIF: Byron Scott roamed the practice facility at the Toyota Sports Center on Wednesday covered in his native Lakers colors.....

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  5. Cavaliers Need to Stop Opponents from Pushing Them Around

    LOS ANGELES – Sooner rather than later, the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to stand up to teams and learn to push back.....

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  6. Breaking Down How Timofey Mozgov Changes the Cleveland Cavaliers' Defense

    Once Anderson Varejao went down for the season with a torn Achilles, the Cleveland Cavaliers scrambled to find a replacement on the trade market. Two first-round picks later and the Cavs have Timofey Mozgov , formerly of the Denver Nuggets ...

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  7. Scott Doesn't Envy Blatt's 'Big-Time Challenge' with Cavs

    Of all the problems facing Byron Scott in his job as Los Angeles Lakers coach these days, earning respect from his players is not one of them.....

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  8. Cavaliers Players Have Discussed Coaching Issues with Opposing Players

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  9. LeBron James Is Back but the Cavaliers Are Still Pushing Downward

    PHOENIX, Ariz. – LeBron James' feet were quicker. His attacks on the rim were more frequent and ferocious.....

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  10. Woj: Cavs Need LeBron to Show Leadership

    PHOENIX – Before LeBron James disappeared on his two-week vacation to South Beach and Jerry's World, his messaging to these Cleveland Cavaliers had been unmistakable: Never mind what you see, just listen to what I tell you...

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  11. Skolnick: Was LeBron's Push of David Blatt a Sign of Dysfunction in Cleveland?

    Another day, another bump in the road for the revamped Cleveland Cavaliers . This time, things got a little physical when LeBron James appeared to push head coach David Blatt during a game against the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night...

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  12. Sore LBJ Undergoes Ice Bath 'Torture'

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  13. Skolnick: Midseason Surprises and Disappointments for the Cleveland Cavaliers

    The Cleveland Cavaliers have experienced more drama and criticism than any other team this season. With a tumultuous start to the campaign, the Cavs are currently hovering around ...

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  14. Cavs Nearly Erase 19-Pt Deficit as Love Sits 4th

    PHOENIX, Ariz. – The Cleveland Cavaliers almost stole the game in LeBron James' return after coming back from 19, but the Phoenix Suns held on to get the 107-100 win on Tuesday night...

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  15. Breaking Down the Ideal New-Look Rotation for Cleveland Cavaliers

    Following a pair of trades and the return of an injured superstar, the Cleveland Cavaliers must shuffle their rotation once again. LeBron James is back after eight games. Dion Waiters is gone, with J...

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  16. LeBron James Weaves Through Suns for Big Slam, Then J.R. Smith Steals and Hits 3

    In the third quarter of Tuesday night's Cleveland Cavaliers - Phoenix Suns showdown in Arizona, LeBron James turned back the clock, weaving through the Suns defense and throwing down a vintage hammer slam...

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  17. Marion (Hip) Set to Return to Cavs' Lineup

    Cavaliers forward Shawn Marion has been cleared to play in Tuesday's game at Phoenix , reports the Plain Dealer...

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  18. NBA Handicapping: Cleveland Cavaliers' ATS Trends During LeBron's Absence

    LeBron James is nearly set to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers after being away from the team for two weeks to rest his body and recover from multiple nagging injuries...

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  19. LeBron: Absence 'Most Difficult Thing' I've Been Through

    Nagging back and knee injuries have kept LeBron James off the court the past eight games, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been an absolute trainwreck without him...

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  20. LeBron James: The Case for MVP

    This season has been insane, with both the Eastern and Western conferences respectively wide open, though for different reasons...

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  21. Iman Shumpert Should Be Thankful for the Cavs

    When the Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Iman Shumpert from the New York Knicks many thought he would be ready to start right away coming off his injury...

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  22. Cleveland Cavaliers (19-19) at Phoenix Suns (22-18), 9 p.m. (ET)

    (SportsNetwork.com) - LeBron James said he feels better than he did two weeks ago and that the Cleveland Cavaliers need to get back to their winning ways...

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  23. Marion (Hip) to Return vs. Suns

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  24. Can David Blatt Save Cleveland Cavaliers' Season and His Job?

    David Blatt is supposed to be a basketball chameleon, a head coach renowned for tailoring style and strategy to personnel...

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  25. Max-Contract Questions a Fact of NBA Life for Kevin Love

    If David Blatt 's doubts about Kevin Love 's max-contract worthiness are giving you deja vu , then you're not alone...

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