1. NBA Playoffs Schedule 2015: TV Guide and Predictions for Wednesday

    The 2015 NBA playoffs continue Wednesday, May 20, as the Eastern Conference Finals get underway. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers travel to Phillips Arena to take on the top-seeded Atlanta Hawks ...

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  2. Even Without Home-Court Edge, LeBron Faces Expectations of a Favorite, as Usual

    ATLANTA — Attribute it to the lateness of the hour, or the season, but any pretense officially evaporated not long before midnight last Thursday in Chicago, any charade that LeBron James was supposed to finish second to anybody...

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  3. Free Agency or Draft: How Should Cleveland Cavs Fill Biggest Offseason Needs?

    Regardless of when their postseason ends, the Cleveland Cavaliers will have some specific needs to fill this summer. As good as Matthew Dellavedova has been at times, the Cavs could still use some additional depth behind Kyrie Irving ...

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  4. Cleveland Cavaliers Live out Nike's "Together" Commercial in Postseason Run

    , 2, 3: Hard work … 4, 5, 6: Together! These were the words in the Nike preseason commercial featuring LeBron James, his Cavalier teammates, and the city of Cleveland ...

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  5. LeBron James Said 'I Relish the Challenge' from Atlanta's DeMarre Carroll

    INDEPENDENCE, Ohio – DeMarre Carroll has an inch on Chicago 's Jimmy Butler, standing 6-foot-8 to Butler's 6-7.....

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  6. Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Atlanta Hawks: Game 1 Odds Preview, Matchup Stats

    The Atlanta Hawks may be the top seed heading into Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday, but the second-seeded Cleveland Cavaliers are the favorites to win the series and advance to the NBA Finals...

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  7. Cavaliers' Struggles Against the Atlanta Hawks Will Stay in the Regular Season

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  8. Why the Cleveland Cavaliers Will Beat the Atlanta Hawks in Six Games

    CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Atlanta Hawks won 19 straight during the regular season. They had four All-Stars. Mike Budenholzer was the NBA 's Coach of the Year.....

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  9. Can the Cavs Keep the Band Together?

    The Cleveland Cavaliers are going into the Eastern Conference Finals starting Wednesday. The Cavs will face off with the Atlanta Hawks and we are excited to cover our team's battle for a possible Finals appearance...

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  10. Ranking the Cleveland Cavaliers' Top 5 Performances of the Regular Season

    The Cleveland Cavaliers’ season embodied some of the best individual displays in the NBA. It included the ups as well as the downs ...

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  11. 5 Keys for Cleveland Cavaliers to Win Eastern Conference Finals

    The Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks were the Eastern Conference's best teams during the regular season. Now set to face each other in the East Finals, we'll finally see which one truly deserves to be on top...

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  12. Cavs Owner Shoots Down David Blatt Rumor

    There have been plenty of indications throughout both the regular season and the playoffs that Cavaliers head coach David Blatt may not be the best fit, and may be gone once the season is finished...

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  13. Season's Adversity Helped Cleveland Cavaliers Get Past Chicago Bulls

    CHICAGO -- Kyrie Irving was in the locker room getting his knee checked for additional injury. Kevin Love was back in Cleveland with his arm in a sling. Tristan Thompson was on the bench, his left shoulder wrapped in ice...

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  14. Iman Shumpert on Nikola Mirotic: 'I'm from Here'

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  15. Undrafted Matthew Dellavedova Has Become Ultimate X-Factor for Cavaliers

    Before the 2012-13 NBA season and at the start of his senior season at St. Mary's, Cleveland Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova landed an exclusive interview...

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  16. Cavaliers Earn Some Validation with Impressive Beatdown of the Bulls

    CHICAGO — Thursday's celebration was subdued by series-winning standards, but that shouldn't be mistaken for any missing satisfaction after the Cleveland Cavaliers ' 94-73 Game 6 victory over the Chicago Bulls at the United Center...

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  17. Watch: LeBron Dances with Teammates to Celebrate

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  18. Unknown Matthew Dellavedova Powers Cleveland Cavaliers to Series Win over Bulls

    CHICAGO — Back in January, Matthew Dellavedova was all but unplayable. So much so that the Cleveland Cavaliers were, very publicly, looking around the trade and free-agent markets for point guard help behind Kyrie Irving ...

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  19. 2015 NBA Draft Combine Prospects the Cleveland Cavaliers Must Watch Most Closely

    While the players and coaches just wrapped up an Eastern Conference Semifinals win over the Chicago Bulls , this is a big weekend for the Cleveland Cavaliers in other areas as well...

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  20. LBJ Makes His 5th Straight Conference Finals

    Five thoughts on the Cavaliers ' 94-73 victory over the Chicago Bulls on May 14 in the Eastern Conference semifinals at the United Center...

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  21. Blatt: 'We Never Felt [Bulls] Were Better Than Us'

    CHICAGO – Here is what Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt said after his team's 94-73 series-clinching win against the Chicago Bulls on Thursday in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals...

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  22. Shump, Reserves Make Statement to End Series

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  23. Cavs Heading to ECFs for 1st Time Since 2009

    CHICAGO – For the first time since 2009, the Cleveland Cavaliers are headed to the Eastern Conference Finals after defeating the Chicago Bulls 94-73 on Thursday night to win the series 4-2...

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  24. Kyrie Irving Injury: Updates on Cavaliers Guard's Knee and Return

    Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving aggravated his knee injury in the Cavaliers' 97-89 Game 1 win over the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals and has missed the past two games...

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  25. Watch: Mirotic Clotheslines Shumpert

    You don't think of Nikola Mirotic as the kind of player that does something like this. It was incredibly dumb for him to clothesline Iman Shumpert on the fast break. And yet, Mirotic cracked up because he wanted everyone to know what he just did...

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