1. SI Exclusive: Closer Look at LeBron James's Cleveland Return

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  2. The Cavaliers Shouldn't Give Up Wiggins, Not Even for Love

    In wake of LeBron James' departure from Cleveland in 2010, the Cavaliers hit a number of road bumps on their journey to rebuild the team...

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  3. Akron Plans Party to 'Welcome LeBron Home'

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  4. How Kyrie Irving and LeBron James Can Click for Cleveland Cavaliers

    When Kyrie Irving took home MVP honors at the 2014 All-Star Game, many were surprised. After all, Irving was just 21 years of age at the time and was competing alongside players ...

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  5. LeBron James' Return Puts New Level of Pressure on Kyrie Irving

    LeBron James ' return to the Cleveland Cavaliers is a boon for every player on the roster, but it could also make a few things tougher on some of them— Kyrie Irving in particular...

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  6. Kevin Love Trade Must Not Cost Cleveland Cavaliers Andrew Wiggins

    You can't trade Andrew Wiggins . Not even for Kevin Love. Not after the upside Wiggins has flashed and the progress he's made...

    Jonathan Wasserman Written by Jonathan Wasserman about 16 days ago 167,695 reads 662 comments

  7. Why LeBron James Is in for Rude Awakening in Return to Cleveland Cavs

    LeBron James is back with the Cleveland Cavaliers , and for now, the Rust Belt is alive with the pure jubilation that comes from a sense of the world being back in its proper alignment...

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  8. Cleveland County Exec: LeBron Will Bring $500M Per Year

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  9. Cold Hard Fact for Monday, July 14, 2014

    Fact: Assuming this current roster stays intact, the Cleveland Cavaliers will be the first team in 25 years to have four No. 1 picks (LeBron James in 2003, Kyrie Irving in 2011, Anthony Bennett in 2013 and Andrew Wiggins in 2014)...

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  10. Anthony Bennett Slims Down, Looks to Shed Bust Label

    Anthony Bennett has had a rough go of it. NBA fans know the story all too well by now: No. 1 draft pick comes into the league and performs with all the pop and sizzle of flat seltzer...

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  11. Anthony Bennett Says He Lost 15-20 Pounds

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  12. Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love: Why Potential Trade Makes Sense for Cavaliers

    Andrew Wiggins could be an All- NBA player. Kevin Love is an All-NBA player. Wiggins is a project—an athletic wing with transcendent open-court and defensive potential but a developing jumper and half-court skill set...

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  13. Bennett Starts Strong as Summer Soph

    LAS VEGAS – David Blatt, the Cleveland Cavaliers ' new head coach, was backed up to the concrete-block wall as far as he could go...

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  14. Are Cavaliers Smart to Consider Filling Bench with LeBron James' Heat Buddies?

    Being LeBron James ' friend has its advantages. There's (likely) free Nike gear involved, chalk-toss lessons to dabble in and, sometimes, the promise of a job. This is the kind of pull the NBA 's best player possesses...

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  15. LeBron James' 2-Year Cavaliers Contract Keeps Future Unclear in Cleveland

    LeBron James is coming home, but his new contract is raising questions about just how long he'll stay. As first reported by ESPN.com's Brian Windhorst , "James signed a two-year, $42...

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  16. Cleveland Cavaliers: LeBron James Return Expected to Bring Big Money...

    Based on recent sales in the NBA , the Cavaliers were worth an estimated $700 million as of July 10. All that changed when LeBron James announced to the world, “I'm coming home...

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  17. Andrew Wiggins Shouldn't Be Dangled as Trade Bait in Potential Kevin Love Deal

    Just because the Cleveland Cavaliers have the current LeBron James doesn't mean they should jettison the next LeBron James. Andrew Wiggins is a large part of the team's future plans...

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  18. Cavaliers' David Blatt Wants to Discuss Players Who Are at NBA Summer League

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  19. LeBron James' Reported 2-Year Cavs Deal Allows Him to Become Free Agent in 2015

    The Cleveland Cavaliers and their fans were incredibly excited when LeBron James announced he was returning home in free agency, but his latest contract details could cause some concern...

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  20. Why LeBron James Is Perfect Mentor for Young Cleveland Cavs

    When LeBron James decided to take his talents back to the Cleveland Cavaliers , the franchise received more than the best player on the planet...

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  21. Instagram: LeBron, Varejao Meet Up in Brazil

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  22. Cavs Acquire Haywood, Powell from Hornets

    CLEVELAND, OH – The Cleveland Cavaliers have acquired center Brendan Haywood and the draft rights to forward Dwight Powell, the 45th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, from the Charlotte ...

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  23. LeBron James Increases Cavaliers' Valuation to Over $1 Billion

    LeBron James ' decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers will be a lucrative one for him, but the true beneficiary will be the Cavs franchise from a monetary perspective...

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  24. What Will Cleveland Cavaliers Lineup and Scheme Look Like with LeBron James?

    Now that the prodigal son has returned, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a whole new look. LeBron James , who announced his decision via Sports Illustrated to come back to his ...

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  25. LeBron James' Decision Had to Do with Much More Than Being a Kid from Ohio

    “Before anyone ever cared where I would play basketball, I was a kid from Northeast Ohio.” This was the very first sentence of LeBron James ’ essay, as told to Lee Jenkins of SI...

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