1. Joe Harris Role Could Be Huge for Cavaliers

    The Cleveland Cavaliers faced the New Orleans Pelicans without Dion Waiters and Matthew Dellavedova. That forced rookie Joe Harris on to the floor...

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  2. Love Opting out of His Contract Makes Sense, Going to the Lakers Doesn't

    As the Cleveland Cavaliers have gotten off to an uneven start the noise surrounding the team has gotten louder. Dealing with distractions will be a running theme to the Cavs' season...

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  3. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving's Handshake Was Not Smoking a Joint, Dummies

    So this is a thing now, apparently. After their recent win over the New Orleans Pelicans , Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving celebrated with a custom handshake...

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  4. Why Cleveland Cavaliers Have No Reason to Sweat Kevin Love's Free Agency

    Among the many problems plaguing the freshly super Cleveland Cavaliers , Kevin Love 's impending free agency is one they should neither sweat nor fear. It is, for now, a non-issue...

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  5. Relive Last Night's Explosive 2nd-Half Performance from the Cavaliers' Big 3

    When their shots are falling and they play as a unit, the Cleveland trio can click. Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James scored 61 of the Cavaliers ' 67 second-half points...

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  6. LeBron James' Navy Cleveland Cavaliers Home Opener Jersey Is Up for Auction

    The city of Cleveland devolved into madness for LeBron James ’ homecoming in October. Fans held seances in the streets. Chalk-fetti was thrown, dragons imagined ...

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  7. How Good Can They Be? LeBron, Cavaliers Impress in Win over Pelicans

    CLEVELAND -- Shot after shot went down for the Cavaliers , and for a while you forgot the record (3-3), the issues ( Kyrie Irving 's passing, Dion Waiters' fit) and the melodrama that has surrounded this team throughout a ragged start to the season...

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  8. Cleveland Cavs Finding Their Way, Yet Admit Defense Still Has a Long Way to Go

    CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Cavaliers ' offense, although off to a sluggish start to the season, is expected to eventually become one of the league's best. The defense? Not so much...

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  9. LeBron James' Leadership Must Start on Defensive End

    LeBron James ' Cleveland Cavaliers hammered out their early-season offensive imperfections in short order, just as we knew they would. The real work of fashioning a championship-caliber defense remains...

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  10. Despite Win, Defense Disappoints Cavs' Blatt

    CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Cleveland Cavaliers had their most complete offensive performance of the young season as LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love combined for 86 points ...

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  11. With Big Three Like This, It's Tough for Cavaliers to Lose

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  12. Irving Fuels Cavaliers' Comeback Win

    Just when it looked as though the Cleveland Cavaliers might fall prey to the hot three-point shooting of the New Orleans Pelicans .....

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  13. Slammin' It Home - Nov. 10

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  14. Cavs' Waiters out vs. Pelicans for Back Injury

    CLEVELAND -- Cavaliers guard Dion Waiters will not play against the New Orleans Pelicans because of a bruised lower back...

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  15. Cleveland Cavaliers Need Dion Waiters to Thrive as New Sixth Man

    It just makes too much common sense. Dion Waiters ' game was always built for the sixth-man role—the same one he played at Syracuse while his NBA stock exploded...

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  16. Waiters (Back) Not Expected to Play vs. Pelicans

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  17. Kevin Love Rumors: Updates and Buzz Surrounding Star's Future with Cavaliers

    Kevin Love is still figuring out how to jell with his new Cleveland Cavaliers teammates amid the best opportunity he's ever had to win an NBA championship, never mind qualify ...

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  18. Chris Broussard Reports LeBron James Won't Allow Sons to Play Football

    ESPN’s Chris Broussard offered up a casual observation Sunday night, tweeting his surprise regarding LeBron James ' alleged decision to forbid his sons from playing football...

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  19. Skolnick: 'Way Too Early' to Talk About Kevin Love Leaving Cavaliers for Lakers

    Perhaps this was the first lesson LeBron James should have taught these young Cleveland Cavaliers . James is awfully familiar with the naysayers, rabid speculation and rumors included in the circus of being the championship favorite...

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  20. Ethan Skolnick Explains Why LeBron James Is Shooting so Poorly This Season

    This is not the MVP LeBron or even the Miami LeBron currently playing in Cleveland right now. This may not even be a LeBron James that has been seen yet. For the past seven seasons, James has improved his field-goal percentage each year...

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  21. Cleveland Cavaliers Should Already Be Making These Adjustments

    Although the Cleveland Cavaliers ' 2014-15 NBA season is still in its infancy, there's nothing wrong with already making a few tweaks...

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  22. Dellavedova (MCL Sprain) out 4-6 Weeks

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  23. Realistic Statistical Expectations for LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers

    First they were anointed the NBA 's next big thing. Then they lost three of their first five games. What should we really expect from the Cleveland Cavaliers after LeBron James ...

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  24. Jason Lloyd: Dion Waiters Can't Hide from Latest Self-Created Controversy

    It was just the other day I wrote a story on Dion Waiters' move to the bench and mentioned how Waiters means well, but sometimes can't seem to get out of his own way...

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  25. James Likes Waiters as Sixth Man and Waiters Is Beginning to Embrace It

    DENVER, Colo. – It didn't take long, but it appears Dion Waiters is starting to embrace his role as the sixth man of this Cavaliers team...

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