1. Why Cleveland Cavaliers Would Be Better Off Holding onto Andrew Wiggins

    Would you give up Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love ? This question may linger with the Cleveland Cavaliers until next season's trade deadline; it's up to the Minnesota Timberwolves to decide when to pull the trigger on a proposed deal...

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  2. LeBron James' Future Better Tied to Andrew Wiggins Than Kevin Love

    LeBron James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers preaching responsibility, waxing patience and selling uncertain visions that made, and continue to make, more sense when bound to rookie Andrew Wiggins instead of Kevin Love...

    Dan Favale Written by Dan Favale about 10 days ago 84,462 reads 359 comments

  3. Maverick Carter Speaks on LeBron James' Decision to Return to Cavaliers

    Maverick Carter, a business partner of LeBron James , has played a vital role in helping the NBA superstar during his career. One thing he didn't force on James, though, was which team the latter would choose as a free agent this offseason...

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  4. 7 Remaining Targets for Cavs in Free Agency

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  5. Cavaliers Have Several Options to Create Optimal Starting Lineup...

    It's still only July, so there is plenty of time before the Cleveland Cavaliers have to finalize their roster before next season. They still might add Ray Allen. Hopefully, they will be able to do something to add some insurance at the center position..

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  6. Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski Says He'd Trade Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love

    Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski isn't mincing his words. He knows exactly where he stands on the Kevin Love-Andrew Wiggins saga that has captured so much of the NBA world's attention in recent days...

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  7. NBA Store Sells Out of LeBron James Cavaliers Jerseys

    Want to celebrate LeBron James ' return to Northeast Ohio with a Cleveland Cavaliers replica home, away or alternate jersey? Well, you can't...

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  8. Wiggins' First Summer-League Stint Had Everything

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  9. Irving: 'Great Feeling' About LeBron Addition

    Kyrie Irving is just as excited for the return of LeBron James to the Cavaliers as the rest of Cleveland...

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  10. Anthony Bennett Will Shed Bust Reputation with Resurgence in 2014

    Whether he plays with the Cleveland Cavaliers , the Minnesota Timberwolves or some other as-yet-determined third team that helps to facilitate the long-rumored Kevin Love deal, ...

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  11. Kevin Love Trade Would Put Serious Pressure on LeBron James

    It's amazing how quickly Kevin Love has helped turn the tables since LeBron James agreed to come to the Cleveland Cavaliers . Right away, James, the four-time MVP, made it abundantly clear that he wasn't expecting immediate success...

    Adam Fromal Written by Adam Fromal about 12 days ago 90,726 reads 288 comments

  12. Kyrie on Extension: 'Huge Monkey off My Back'

    Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving is relieved after signing a five-year, maximum contract extension earlier this month...

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  13. LeBron James' Role in Kevin Love Trade Doesn't Make Andrew Wiggins Expendable

    Although LeBron James has seemingly inserted himself into the Kevin Love trade negotiations, the end doesn't have to be nigh for Andrew Wiggins as a Cleveland Cavalier...

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  14. Anthony Bennett Ready to Play with LeBron and Step Up After Strong Summer League

    Being a No. 1 NBA draft pick comes with a lot of pressure and responsibility. Especially if you weren't expecting to be selected first overall like Anthony Bennett was in 2013...

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  15. The Curious Case of Anthony Bennett: Bust or Breakout?

    When the Cavaliers selected Anthony Bennett with the first pick of the 2013 NBA Draft it seemed as though everyone, even Bennett himself, expected someone else's name to get called...

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  16. LeBron Undecided on Jersey Number?

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  17. Why Wiggins Will Become a Casualty of LeBron's Desire to Play with Kevin Love

    The Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly willing to part with No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins in a deal for Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love, following rumblings that LeBron James is keen on playing with the power forward...

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  18. Andrew Wiggins Trade Rumors Show the Power of LeBron James

    While LeBron James pondered his next maneuver at the start of free agency, he held the entire basketball world —and really, the sports world at large —in the palm of his hand...

    Zach Buckley Written by Zach Buckley about 13 days ago 129,907 reads 443 comments

  19. Report Card Grades for Cleveland Cavaliers 2014 Offseason so Far

    It's been quite an offseason for the Cleveland Cavaliers , with the potential for more excitement to come. The Cavs already won the NBA draft lottery while naming a new general manager and head coach...

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  20. Kevin Love Would Make Cavaliers 2014 Eastern Conference Favorites

    Andrew Wiggins could very well live up to his potential one day for the Cleveland Cavaliers and turn into an absolute transcendent talent and one of the best basketball players on the planet...

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  21. Wiggins Totals 21 Pts in Final Summer League Game

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  22. How Cleveland Cavaliers Can Survive If They Trade Andrew Wiggins

    Is Andrew Wiggins really on the table in the Kevin Love trade discussions between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Cleveland Cavaliers ? According to Jeff Zillgitt of ...

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  23. Andrew Wiggins Should Be Used as Trade Chip for Cavs to Acquire Kevin Love

    The Cleveland Cavaliers have the best basketball player in the world on their roster right now. LeBron James’ presence alone is more than enough to have championship-hungry fans in northeast Ohio chomping at the bit for the season to start...

    Scott Polacek Written by Scott Polacek about 14 days ago 17,903 reads 155 comments

  24. Malik Rose on the Cleveland Cavaliers' Rise in the East

    After the Cleveland Cavaliers missed the postseason last year, team owner Dan Gilbert improved his roster in pretty much the best way imaginable when he brought LeBron James back to Ohio...

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  25. LeBron James' Return to Cleveland Cavaliers About More Than Redemption

    LeBron James went back to Cleveland because he felt it was the right thing to do—for himself, the team and the city. Insofar as an inherently trivial act in the sports world can have significance in the real one, James' decision does...

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