1. LeBron: 'We're a Fragile Team and This Isn't Even the Lowest It Can Get'

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  2. Video: LeBron No-Look Bounce Pass to Varejao

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  3. Lethargic Cavaliers Face Steeper Struggles Than LeBron James' Heat in 2010-11

    WASHINGTON D.C. — The past is prelude, and that can sometimes serve as comfort. It's given the Cleveland Cavaliers a cushion...

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  4. Cavs Sluggish Again, Lose Third Straight to Fall Under .500

    Hours after LeBron James explained the extent to which his patience is being tested by this sluggish start, the Cavaliers did nothing Friday to ease his rattled nerves...

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  5. Watch: LeBron Reaches Back, Tips in Lob Pass

    As the Cleveland Cavaliers were battling the Washington Wizards Friday night, there was a fun sequence in which Kyrie Irving made plays, made errors shortly after, and LeBron James was there to clean it all up...

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  6. Watch: LeBron Reaches Back, Tips in Lob Pass

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  7. LeBron James Is About to Become the Magic Johnson Clone We All Envisioned

    LeBron James was never going to be Michael Jordan. That's not to say he doesn't stand a chance of reaching a similar spot on the all-time NBA hierarchy, though such a debate is best saved for another time and place...

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  8. LeBron James Said If Kevin Love Wants the Ball in the Post...

    If Kevin Love wants the ball in the post, he'll get it, LeBron James said Friday before the Cleveland Cavaliers play a road game against the Washington Wizards .....

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  9. LeBron Calls Being Patient 'My Biggest Test'

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- LeBron James, as much as any member of the new-look Cleveland Cavaliers , has been vocal about the process it will take to transform his team into a championship contender...

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  10. David Blatt Would Love It If LeBron James Let Him Do His Job

    Working with the most dominant player in your sport at the height of his or her career is a gift and a curse. On one hand, you experience the luxury of fielding a demigod...

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  11. Cavaliers Still Searching for the Right Combination of Closers Alongside LeBron

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Joe Harris came to Cleveland pure of heart and free of mind. Even prior to the Cavaliers ' celebrated infusion of proven talent, the soft-spoken second-round ...

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  12. Most Startling Statistics of Cleveland Cavaliers' Season So Far

    While sometimes being surprising or all too truthful, stats can tell us a lot about the game of basketball. The NBA is being flooded with advanced statistics and player tracking, which give us a look into the sport that we've never before seen...

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  13. LeBron's Jersey from Opener Fetches $50,040

    A jersey worn by LeBron James during the second half of his regular season return to Cleveland this year sold for $50,040 on Thursday night...

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  14. Bucher Buzz: The Aggressive Plans LeBron and Cavs Have to Fix Early Struggles

    Nearly a month into the season, the 5-5 Cleveland Cavaliers realize they can't simply try to outscore opponents if they want to compete for a title...

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  15. Yahoo: Blatt's Key to Success Is Learning to Coach LeBron

    CLEVELAND – Thirty-three years away, and Cavaliers coach David Blatt comes with a confession: He's a little lost here. It isn't coaching in the NBA , but immersing himself back into these United States...

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  16. Who Is Joe Harris: Cavs Afterthought Suddenly Has Real Role

    You didn't hear Joe Harris' name much in the NBA draft conversation over the past few years before the Cleveland Cavaliers took him No. 33 overall in June. He was, however, one heck of a college basketball player...

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  17. LeBron James: Top 10 Best Career Performances

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  18. Hulk Hogan Goes Full Hulk Hogan at Cavaliers Game (GIF)

    The Cleveland Cavaliers have become a team that every celebrity wants to watch, even Hulk Hogan who went full Hulk Hogan at tonight's game at The Q.....

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  19. Love Says He Needs to 'Find Himself' in Offense

    Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love has had a difficult time adjusting to his new team. With the Minnesota Timberwolves , he'd grown accustomed to being the No. 1 option and the offense revolving around him...

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  20. Blatt Learning on the Fly with Cavs

    CLEVELAND -- In his first season as an NBA head coach 18 years ago, Gregg Popovich went 17-47 and was roundly criticized, first for how he got the job (he gave it to himself), and then how he performed in it (poorly)...

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  21. San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers Are Miles Apart Despite Close Contest

    CLEVELAND — Sometimes, the difference between where two teams stand can't be captured accurately by the scoreboard or even the standings. Sometimes, it's about the expectations...

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  22. LeBron, Cavs Can't Turn Corner, but It's Coming

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  23. LBJ Takes Blame, but Blatt Wants Team to Step Up

    CLEVELAND, Ohio – Manu Ginobili clanked the second of two free throws with the San Antonio Spurs holding a two-point lead. Anderson Varejao rebounded the miss and passed it to LeBron James...

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  24. 5 Trade Targets Cleveland Cavaliers Should Pursue to Help Fix Defense

    Balance is important in the NBA . The star-stuffed Cleveland Cavaliers are an imbalanced team. Finding offense hasn't been a problem to start 2014-15...

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  25. LeBron: Leading Cavs Career's Top Challenge

    CLEVELAND -- LeBron James said leading this Cleveland Cavaliers team, teaching it how to win on a championship level, is the biggest challenge of his 12-year career...

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