1. Browns Hiring Hue Jackson Signals Culture Change Desperately Needed in Cleveland

    These aren't the same old Cleveland Browns . Well, technically, they are the same Browns who cycled through three head coaches in three years, but the team's approach and hire ...

    Brent Sobleski Written by Brent Sobleski about 24 days ago 79,842 reads 251 comments

  2. Cleveland Browns Get It Right Hiring 'No Nonsense' Hue Jackson as Head Coach

    The Cleveland Browns hired Hue Jackson on Wednesday to replace Mike Pettine as head coach, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter ...

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  3. Debate: What Grade Do You Give the Jackson Hire?

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  4. Bernie Kosar Says Johnny Manziel Hasn't Returned Calls, Comments on QB's Conduct

    A strong argument could be made that Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel needs all the guidance he can get as his NFL future hangs in the balance amid self-destructive off-field issues...

    Matt Fitzgerald Written by Matt Fitzgerald about 25 days ago 92,112 reads 173 comments

  5. Insider Buzz: Top GM Candidates Have 'No Interest' in Browns Job

    The Cleveland Browns are searching for a new head coach and general manager to take over their franchise and hopefully bring a winning culture back to Cleveland...

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  6. Insider Buzz: DePodesta Hire 'Questionable,' Could Hurt Browns' Coaching Search

    The Cleveland Browns have hired the New York Mets' Paul DePodesta as their chief strategy officer in a move that has many around the league scratching their heads...

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  7. Browns' Dive into Analytics with Paul DePodesta Isn't as Crazy as It Might Seem

    The Cleveland Browns raised a plethora of eyebrows across the collective football world Tuesday when they announced the hiring of longtime baseball executive Paul DePodesta as their new chief strategy officer...

    Kristopher Knox Written by Kristopher Knox about 1 month ago 23,944 reads 82 comments