1. Clayton Richard begins to warm in #Cubs bullpen as Reds have two on with one out in the fifth.

  2. Clayton Richard comes in to pitch for #Cubs in the sixth. La Stella stays in at second. Baez moves to short.

  3. Clayton Richard warming in #Cubs pen

  4. Clayton Richard warming.

  5. Cahill gets 5 outs; Clayton Richard on with two out in 7th.

  6. Bases loaded for Carpenter. Gulp. Clayton Richard coming in. Cubs still lead 8-2. Bot 7

  7. Clayton Richard coming in to pitch for #Cubs in 4th

  8. Clayton Richard, 3 scoreless IP. 4-3 Phils Top 7

  9. Clayton Richard out there for a 4th inning. 4-4 Bot 7

  10. Clayton Richard might be the better option over Haren http://t.co/7oDXT3N4Fu

  11. Clayton Richard ("ree-SHARD" in Joe-speak) warming in #Cubs pen

  12. Clayton Richard coming in to pitch the fourth for #Cubs. Joe not messing today.

  13. Clayton Richard to the wall with a double. Wow. 8-4 Top 5

  14. Clayton Richard helps #Cubs with 2R double. Now 8-4 lead

  15. Addison Russell RBI single, Clayton Richard 2-run double. Cubs lead 8-4

  16. Clayton Richard, professional hitter.

  17. A 2-run double for Clayton Richard, and the #Cubs have 5 so far in the fifth. They lead 8-4.

  18. Clayton Richard brings home a pair with a double to the gap! Make that 8-4 #Cubs in the 5th! #PitchersWhoRake

  19. Three innings of scoreless relief for Clayton Richard: http://t.co/9L2tu4RpR7 #Cubs lead 9-4 through 6. #LetsGo http://t.co/EsztTOG2hn

  20. #Cubs Saturday starter likely between Trevor Cahill and Clayton Richard

  21. (Video) Cubs' Clayton Richard on beating Pittsburgh, adjusting to relief role http://t.co/BbtTFqB6iC

  22. (Video) Cubs' Joe Maddon on Clayton Richard, situational hitting http://t.co/RdpDkQGeSW

  23. Clayton Richard in to pitch the seventh for #Cubs

  24. Clayton Richard in for Cubs now.5-1 Top 7

  25. We go to the ninth scoreless at Wrigley. Clayton Richard on to pitch for #Cubs

  26. Double barrel action in Cubs pen. Clayton Richard and Pedro Strop warming

  27. Pedro Strop and Clayton Richard warming up in bullpen with Arrieta nearing 100 pitches in sixth inning and #Cubs holding one-run lead.

  28. The Cubs will go to the bullpen and bring in LHP Clayton Richard to face Kolten Wong.

  29. Quick-pitchin' Clayton Richard gets Kolten Wong. Cubs up, 5-4, halfway through six.

  30. Jake exits after 5 2/3 IP. Clayton Richard records the final out of top 6. #LetsGo http://t.co/wZtYWgT7Te

  31. Clayton Richard gets Wong to ground back to him. 5-4 #Cubs over #Cardinals in middle of the sixth.

  32. Clayton Richard up in the #Cubs pen

  33. Clayton Richard relieves @F_Rodney56 with two outs and a man aboard in the 7th. #LetsGo http://t.co/IwHbClseIO

  34. Clayton Richard the only one warming for Cubs

  35. Clayton Richard starts to warm in #Cubs pen

  36. Clayton Richard warming up for the Cubs....

  37. Cubs' bullpen going to work. Clayton Richard.