1. Today is the 8th anniversary of Clay Buchholz's no-hitter! RT for a chance to win a signed ball. #ThankYouSoxNation http://t.co/ZEfQgbV4xn

  2. Red Sox Pick Up $13M Option on Buchholz

  3. As expected, #RedSox pick up $13M option on Clay Buchholz.

  4. Buchholz Throws for First Time Since Shutdown

  5. Andrew Bailey, back in the majors, getting congrats from Clay Buchholz and Koji Uehara. http://t.co/dShG8gVIms

  6. Maybe Clay Buchholz isn't done for the year? Buchholz has a late-season role in mind: http://t.co/SPoWL2BCmB

  7. Sixth time this season Rodriguez has finished the seventh inning. Clay Buchholz did so nine times; Miley, Porcello have done so eight times.

  8. Clay Buchholz sits with #RedSox season ticket holders before tonight's game. #ThankYouSoxNation http://t.co/rtPP2KPvEi

  9. Clay Buchholz still eyeing pitching one inning before end of season http://t.co/9aHhVj4VXy via @WEEI

  10. Double-digit strikeout games, Red Sox pitchers: t-1. Clay Buchholz, Rich Hill -- 2 t-3. Rick Porcello, Henry Owens, Joe Kelly -- 1

  11. I forgot Clay Buchholz was still on the team.

  12. Clay Buchholz gets clearance to keep pursuing his one inning. Will throw off mound tomm. http://t.co/v15Ja4Vn5e

  13. In on-field news, Clay Buchholz just finished up a bullpen session, his first since early July.

  14. Clay Buchholz (remember him?) takes first step toward pitching one inning for #RedSox next weekend - http://t.co/MApCXXNKu8

  15. The last Red Sox pitcher to throw a shutout was Clay Buchholz, 13 months ago.

  16. Ask Nick: Should Red Sox use Clay Buchholz as trade bait? http://t.co/jxuc8O51zJ via @BostonGlobe

  17. Reliable, unspectacular Wade Miley is the anti-Clay Buchholz. Which #RedSox pitcher would you rather have? Column: http://t.co/TT5AW6p2kt

  18. Clay Buchholz would've tried to pitch again if #RedSox were in contention. Instead, he'll end season w/peace of mind http://t.co/NQAVvkcrgz

  19. Clay Buchholz could be a useful trade chip for Red Sox https://t.co/qUtWS1S38b via @BostonGlobe

  20. Red Sox could consider trading Clay Buchholz https://t.co/Seh9wSmevC

  21. Clay Buchholz could be a useful trade chip for Red Sox https://t.co/qUtWS1S38b via @BostonGlobe

  22. Red Sox announce they've exercised their option on Clay Buchholz, as expected.

  23. The #RedSox today exercised the 2016 contract option on RHP Clay Buchholz. https://t.co/KUlVpSKHnd

  24. The Red Sox have exercised their option on Clay Buchholz. Not a contract option. They now have the right to drill for oil in his hair.

  25. Red Sox have officially announced that they've exercised the option on Clay Buchholz's contract. https://t.co/M3qhNEHQVK

  26. #RedSox pick up $13MM Clay Buchholz option. Read the post on the move and what it might mean for Boston: https://t.co/M0kUqRylSE

  27. #RedSox pick up $13 million option on Clay Buchholz https://t.co/ziYgaZLxIx

  28. #RedSox exercise contract option on Clay Buchholz: https://t.co/uDL2UofARR via BostonGlobe

  29. Red Sox decide to pick up Clay Buchholz's $13M option. https://t.co/mapYBMRw9R https://t.co/i6PIQjdR2H

  30. The Red Sox stay loyal to Clay Buchholz, picking up his $13M option for next season: https://t.co/AGmwyNJsnq https://t.co/RuTI6Xa3p8

  31. The Red Sox stay loyal to Clay Buchholz, picking up his $13M option for next season: https://t.co/k3WMUHDlcf https://t.co/CO0Dbb0kwT

  32. Not all of Dave Dombrowsi's decisions will be as easy as this one - picking up the option for Clay Buchholz. https://t.co/lXBdxQsyjv

  33. I feel like Clay Buchholz has to list "Boston Red Sox" as a part-time job on his resume. https://t.co/OKeemmdkia