1. Q: Back in France after your mighty return to Malmö. Which were the highlights on the trip to your old hometown? Zlatan: Everything was amazing, and when I was substituted it was a powerful experience to see the crowds. Q: Today, Ligue 1 continues as you receive newcomer Troyes who still hasn’t got a single win, putting them in last place in Ligue 1. What do you think of the match? Zlatan: Victory. Q: Angel Di Maria seems to have found his role in PSG. In the match against Malmö FF he scored two goals. In what way does the Argentinian midfielder make PSG a better team? Zlatan: His game is really efficient and he creates a lot of chances.

  2. A huge thank you to everyone who turned up at Stortorget last night, and to all of you who bought the special t-shirt to support @drivkraftmalmo. A special thanks again to The City Of Malmö and also to @VitaminWell for providing free vitamin water for everybody. Hope you had as much fun as I did!

  3. Zlatan is back. PSG's squad arrived in Malmö yesterday, your old hometown, who’s absolutely exploding in Zlatan fever. How does it feel to be back? Zlatan: It's like a fairy tale. What has the team Malmö FF meant to you and your football career? Zlatan: A lot - thanks to them I’ve been able to do what I do now. How do you think you will be confronted by the sky-blue Malmö FF audience tonight? Zlatan: I haven’t thought about it, I just want everyone to enjoy the game. Weather conditions in Malmö are not the best and MFF's pitch attendants are in full swing to make the pitch in as good condition as possible tonight. How do you think the cold weather and the condition of the pitch will affect the game? Zlatan: It doesn’t matter, as long as the game is on.

  4. Malmö, I'm here... Are you ready?! See you tonight! https://t.co/KpwFHKNIvs

  5. Malmö, I'm here... Are you ready?! See you tonight!

  6. Florentino: "Report that I ate with PSG president and what’s his name Jorge Mendes last Thursday in Madrid is not true. To destabilise club"

  7. Perez: “It’s naive to think I'd meet with the PSG president same day of game to talk about selling Ronaldo.” https://t.co/7czzPI0TZ2

  8. PSG to go sponsor-less, wear "Je Suis Paris" on jerseys next two home games | #PSG #Paris #JeSuisParis - https://t.co/7vLRFPRAtk

  9. PSG to Replace Shirt Sponsor With 'JE SUIS PARIS' For the Next Two Matches https://t.co/hyckz4HkgU

  10. PSG drop sponsor from their jersey for the next two games. https://t.co/jrZsh6OBxX

  11. PSG to go sponsor-less, wear "Je Suis Paris" on jerseys next two home games | #PSG #Paris #JeSuisParis - https://t.co/5bLBWAaqgz

  12. Well done PSG. https://t.co/gKsujUaaiw

  13. Angel Di Maria Drops the Biggest Hint Yet That Cristiano Ronaldo Could Join PSG https://t.co/hAxPHjdIh7 https://t.co/AcrGyyrOyI

  14. PSG unveil special ‘Je Suis Paris’ shirts to be worn for next 2 games https://t.co/2dwyBySOQY https://t.co/lLA7IEip0E

  15. PSG to wear a special ‘JE SUIS PARIS’ kit for next two matches https://t.co/DX1C6eK4M1 https://t.co/CektNvDjNK

  16. Ronaldo's agent reportedly meets with #PSG representatives https://t.co/n6nVGmiWWi #MUFC https://t.co/ZwsB6wRaIp

  17. #JeSuisParis PSG in touching tribute to their city https://t.co/COCOV9cYBl https://t.co/yHGi8lNec8

  18. What a great shirt #PSG will wear when they meet Malmo in the Champions League and Troyes in Ligue 1: https://t.co/52NtRs8mWB #UCL

  19. PSG shirt tribute to attack victims: https://t.co/pHLQKwTEs4

  20. A nice touch from #PSG https://t.co/vCqsNu8Gi0

  21. Angel Di Maria's latest post on social media is the biggest indication yet that Cristiano Ronaldo will join PSG. https://t.co/NoLn572AJl

  22. PSG will wear shirts featuring the message ‘Je Suis Paris’ for their next two matches. https://t.co/IFZdLUzNlC

  23. The shirts will carry the message "Je suis Paris" PSG to wear special shirts. https://t.co/COCOV9cYBl https://t.co/D9kuwUJ87m

  24. Angel Di Maria's verified Facebook page hints that Cristiano Ronaldo is moving to PSG https://t.co/o2lX9SPJmS https://t.co/2Oc6qejEXz

  25. Ronaldo agent tells #MUFC & #PSG to forget signing him and he'll end career at #RealMadrid. https://t.co/l6dmZin8DM https://t.co/kFODKccFnw

  26. PSG to wear special shirts for two games in memory of Paris terror victims https://t.co/yxRWuGky6x https://t.co/xIAMCbdY1w

  27. *NEW* For @br_uk - https://t.co/r2B2Jt4FF1 - Why PSG must forget about Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo & target Barcelona's Neymar instead.

  28. PSG confirm Marco Verratti, Javier Pastore, Serge Aurier & Ezequiel Lavezzi are all OUT vs. Malmo through injury. David Luiz suspended.

  29. PSG to wear ‘Je suis Paris’ shirts in honour of attack victims https://t.co/gCN8Hh7o4K

  30. PSG to play in special shirts for two more matches after Paris attacks https://t.co/I4nkzMgkd8 https://t.co/RNJUQqa7PD

  31. Global Soccer: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ensures He’s a Big Deal Back Home https://t.co/a0wGiW9dBI

  32. Angel Di Maria's wife says winger NOT behind Facebook page hinting at Ronaldo move to PSG https://t.co/G9N5OLbU6o https://t.co/MGMgTga1KO

  33. Well played @PSG_inside The shirts will carry the message "Je suis Paris" ("I am Paris"). https://t.co/COCOV9cYBl https://t.co/C89yrqzrvN

  34. JE SUIS PARIS - PSG return home wearing a message of solidarity https://t.co/NtNP1K1EPO https://t.co/41q2REqR06

  35. Remember THAT photo of Gerard Piqué​ and Ibrahimovic​? Well the defender has now explained what was going on... https://t.co/m1NiSfyI36

  36. UEFA Team of the Year 2015: PSG quartet nominated, as are Paul Pogba & Antoine Griezmann https://t.co/qJgENLOqBK

  37. Logic 

  38. Not long after Zlatan Ibrahimovic's 2 sons joined, Thiago Silva's son Isago is now enrolled at PSG's youth academy. https://t.co/hQwjGvsI9N

  39. For @YahooSportUK - https://t.co/SOQm6N2Wtc - Euro Bites: Ligue 1 honours Paris victims, PSG extend their lead & Lille plump for Antonetti.