1. 5 Takeaways from Andrew Luck's Explosive NFL Wild Card Weekend Performance

    The Indianapolis Colts accomplished the unthinkable on Wild Card Weekend. A 28-point comeback against the Kansas City Chiefs was the wildest outcome of the weekend...

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  2. Breaking Down the Entire Indianapolis Colts Depth Chart

    If you haven't quite heard yet, it's because you haven't been listening. The Indianapolis Colts have quietly become the new "America's Team." Even if you don't quite know it yet...

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  3. Is Chuck Pagano's Vision Finally Starting to Become a Reality for the Colts?

    "We’re trying to build something special. We’re trying to build a monster here, and we're trying to build a program for sustained success in the long haul...

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  4. Indianapolis Colts: Twitter Reactions to the Week 2 Loss

    Two weeks into the NFL 's regular season and Colts fans have more questions than answers. Following a Week 1 struggle vs. the Oakland Raiders , the Colts followed up their victory with an equally confusing Week 2 loss Sunday to the Miami Dolphins .

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