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  8. 1 of Pagano's best quotes this year, on Denzelle Good (played at Mars Hill in college): "He came a long way from that planet to play here."

  9. Coach Chuck Pagano said Frank Gore is "beat to crap"

  10. #Colts Pagano on Gore's physical condition: He took some shots yesterday. He's beat to crap, but he'll be ready Sunday night.

  11. Pagano: Frank Gore struggling. 'Very, very important' to get the run game fixed. Need continuity up front. Will be better next week.

  12. Pagano is talking about the running game. A lot of issues bc of Castonzo injury, have to generate more, he said.

  13. #Colts Pagano on getting run game going; Very important.

  14. Pagano: Injuries hurting run game. Lose Castonzo, move guys around. Keep working at it.

  15. #Colts Pagano: Somebody's going to have to emerge (at RB). Boom will fill in as No. 2 guy, Tipton No. 3 and special teams.

  16. #Colts Pagano on Bradshaw's injury: Devastating, feel awful for guy. He's gonna be missed, brings a lot to this team in different areas.

  17. Pagano: Denzelle Good did a good job . . . from whatever planet he came from (Mars Hill).

  18. Pagano very high on right tackle Denzelle Good, who started/played first NFL game yesterday. Said he dominated at times.

  19. This is significant: Linebacker Jerrell Freeman is week-to-week with a "Grade 2" hamstring, Pagano says.

  20. #Colts Pagano: Bradshaw will require surgery on wrist. Freeman week2week with Grade 2 hamstring issue.

  21. Pagano: Jerrell Freeman grade 2 hamstring. Week to week.

  22. Pagano -- Castonzo week to week, Dorsett and Adams day to day, Luck week to week. Bradshaw back on IR with injured wrist.

  23. Hearing from #Colts coach Chuck Pagano. Castonzo remains week-to-week, Dorsett still working on returning to practice. Mike Adams day-to-day

  24. Pagano presser.... Castonzo still wk to wk... Dorsett rehabbing, could practice this wk... Mike Adams day to day... Luck looking better

  25. #colts HC Chuck Pagano: Anthony Castonzo (knee) still week-to-week. Mike Adams day-to-day with ankle.

  26. #Colts Pagano: Castonzo, Luck still week2week, Dorsett may do some drill work this week.

  27. Chuck Pagano was 0-for-2 on challenges Sunday, but is 13 for 26 in his career, which is one of the better percentages in the league.

  28. Chuck Pagano approves that play, Tomlin.

  29. Chuck Pagano thinks what the Steelers just did is awful.

  30. Pagano: I don't have any idea how many opportunities any of us have left. Seize the moment. #Colts

  31. Pagano: These guys are just finding a way. It's extremely difficult to win games in the National Football League. #Colts

  32. The only reason Chuck Pagano should lose his job is if he goes back to Andrew Luck as his starter this year.

  33. T.Y. Hilton should have done Pagano a favor and told his coach that the pass was incomplete to avoid the challenge.

  34. #Colts coach Chuck Pagano now 0-for-2 on challenges today. Didn't think he was wise to throw red flag on either.

  35. 3 Things to Watch For with Chuck Pagano: https://t.co/Qcn305n2Y6

  36. Pagano: Is Denzelle Good ready to play? I feel good about all our guys.

  37. Pagano: OUT, Luck, Dorsett, Castonzo

  38. #Colts Pagano: Castonzo, Dorsett, Luck out. Adams doubtful. Toler, Walden questionable.