1. Needs to be said, Chuck Pagano has done a nice job coaching this team the past two weeks. #Colts

  2. Chuck Pagano doing a great Nuke LaLoosh during post-game. One cliche after another. He's entitled

  3. Pagano talks a lot about grit. This, tonight, was a gritty win for the #Colts and Matt Hasselbeck.

  4. Final: #Colts 27, Texans 20. Say what you want about Chuck Pagano, but he's won two straight without Andrew Luck.

  5. 1. Chuck Pagano is coaching a hell of a game. 2. Matt Hasselbeck is playing a hell of a game. 3. The Texans should be embarrassed.

  6. Chuck Pagano just wants some bacon jalapeno mac and cheese.

  7. Did Ryan Grigson alert the officials that Chuck Pagano was too far down the sideline? :)

  8. Chuck Pagano penalized 15 big ones for getting out of his legally authorized area. What a weird drive. But Automatic Adam nails a trey. 13-0

  9. Holding was on Joe Reitz, declined, unsportsmanlike conduct call on Chuck Pagano after a warning, hit with flag

  10. Only 2Q, but Pagano quote blaring in my head. At camp last yr re: Hasselbeck, said if 2011 Colts had back-up QB, he wouldn't be head coach.

  11. Have no idea why they picked up the flag. Hence Pagano's frustration. Vinatieri FG good and the #Colts lead the #Texans 3-0

  12. Chuck Pagano is irate, giving the officials a piece of his mind

  13. So the next time Chuck Pagano and Andrew Luck say they expect Luck to start a game, clearly get ready to see Matt Hasselbeck play.

  14. Could Chuck Pagano be the next in-season firing? Look at the Colts' schedule before answering http://t.co/rcVG7p5Kx0

  15. Yeah, but those 'in the know' really were guessing. Colts, Pagano, Luck have offered very little. 'Trending' etc. https://t.co/vBtd6lssj1

  16. According to PFT, Colts head coach Chuck Pagano likely won't be with the team after the season ends. : @calebof35

  17. Mike Tomlin, Chuck Pagano and other coaches behind some head-scratching decisions from Week 4: http://t.co/8jGPapYBs0 (@ap_robmaaddi) #NFL

  18. Chuck Pagano on Ahmad Bradshaw: "He's a great, great player" http://t.co/F841EDWjD7 http://t.co/xYIZCbg15t

  19. Chuck Pagano: Andrew Luck (shoulder) trending in right direction http://t.co/n0yOV8xGgR

  20. Chuck Pagano on T.Y. Hilton: 'He's seen everything under the sun, every kind of double-coverage you can see.'

  21. Chuck Pagano on Jadeveon Clowney: 'He's fantastic. He's a game-wrecker, he's long, athletic, he can set the edge, he can rush the passer'

  22. Chuck Pagano on Texans defense: 'I think it's one of the best defenses in the NFL.'

  23. Chuck Pagano: 'We would love to get Andre and a bunch of the other guys rolling. We brought him in to contribute.'