1. 5 Reasons Why the Vikings Should Have Been on HBO's Hard Knocks

    Since 2001, HBO has given football fans a unique chance to pull back the curtains and watch their favorite NFL teams, coaches and players in action. Hard Knocks the hit sports reality show has taken on a life of it's own in recent years...

    Giancarlo King Written by Giancarlo King about 10 months ago 7,254 reads 17 comments

  2. 10 Early Winners and Losers of Minnesota Vikings Offseason

    With the end of the Minnesota Vikings' OTAs , and June's mandatory minicamp coming up, there are still plenty of positional battles to be waged and starters to be named. Yet for some players, their stock is zooming right now, and everything is positive.

    Tim Arcand Written by Tim Arcand about 10 months ago 10,866 reads 39 comments

  3. Minnesota Vikings QB Breakdown: Complete Position Evaluation and Depth Chart

    The Minnesota Vikings improved greatly in 2012. The team went from a 3-13 mark in 2011 to a 10-6 record and wild-card playoff berth last season. The Vikings managed this boost without outstanding play from the quarterback position...

    Bob Garman Written by Bob Garman about 11 months ago 3,989 reads 132 comments

  4. Who Is the Worst Starting Quarterback in the NFL?

    There is no definitive statistic that can measure who is the worst starting quarterback in the NFL . It is a designation left up to judgment and opinion...

    Nick Kostora Written by Nick Kostora about 12 months ago 14,599 reads 42 comments

  5. Minnesota Vikings 2013: Why Do People Seem to Hate Christian Ponder?

    Christian Ponder has received more hate than any other quarterback in the NFL that doesn't wear a New York Jets jersey. I have been racking my brains about this for some time trying to pinpoint the reason, and I just can't find one...

    Sam Lanctot Written by Sam Lanctot about 12 months ago 10,295 reads 165 comments

  6. Which QB Is Under More Pressure in 2013, Andy Dalton or Christian Ponder?

    Few young quarterbacks will enter the 2013 NFL season with more individual pressure resting on their shoulders than Andy Dalton of the Cincinnati Bengals and Christian Ponder of the Minnesota Vikings...

    Zach Kruse Written by Zach Kruse about 12 months ago 8,244 reads 56 comments

  7. Aaron Rodgers' Deal Spawns Hilarity Between Christian and Samantha Ponder

    Well, at least Christian Ponder has a winning sense of humor. The world was abuzz Friday as ESPN reported that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers signed an extension worth $110 million over five years...

    Gabe Zaldivar Written by Gabe Zaldivar about 12 months ago 35,997 reads 68 comments