1. I asked Chris Harris to identify the Patriots biggest weapon: "Josh McDaniels. He makes that offense work. Best coordinator in football."

  2. Two #Broncos players make @PFF Midseason All-Pro team: @ChrisHarrisJr and @thekidmcmanus. https://t.co/vam7Bkyevk

  3. Expect @ChrisHarrisJr to earn Hawaii nod again. 11 #Broncos among early vote leaders https://t.co/5qms5vLOFU https://t.co/iPFNUlE54U

  4. Chris Harris not happy with the penalty differential. He believes the Broncos are being unfairly targeted with some of these calls.

  5. Up-tempo from #Bears again catch Chris Harris off guard on 3rd down, left Bellamy wide open. #BearsTalk

  6. Ward preventing Bennett from the catch. Mentioned on Insiders that #Broncos CB Chris Harris said Ward wd help Bruton covering the #Bears TE

  7. Chris Harris saw this coming. Said the Bears would run all kinds of quick rubs and picks, a Gase staple.

  8. Broncos stud CB Chris Harris was still calling signals when Bears snap, was a step slow covering Mariani. Bears turn into big 3rd down play

  9. In Denver, Fox found a gem at CB in Chris Harris. Something for Bryce Callahan to aspire to https://t.co/ZeKeEJzpLU https://t.co/EBrbdWJwSA

  10. Bears undrafted CB Bryce Callahan hopes to be like Broncos gem Chris Harris - @ArthurArkush https://t.co/ZeKeEJzpLU https://t.co/USBblraIVT

  11. Chris Harris Jr. knows Bears coach John Fox has an edge https://t.co/4OqgMFSa4k

  12. Chris Harris on facing John Fox's Bears: "It'll be great to see him, but he's the enemy."

  13. Chris Harris Jr. trying to fire up his teammates

  14. Chris Harris and Owen Daniels. 5:30. Viewhouse Centennial. https://t.co/hoNmDuSeZe

  15. Broncos CB Chris Harris tells us on transition of KU football: “Charlie Weis, he definitely messed up a lot of things in the program.”

  16. Broncos 3rd CB Bradley Roby has played 56.81% of the snaps this year. Also plays on the outside, Chris Harris moves inside, when in nickel.

  17. Would imagine that Bradley Roby would start at CB opposite Chris Harris Sunday vs. KC, with Kayvon Webster the 3rd CB.

  18. Chris Harris told me he tried to watch film of Chudzinski's #Panthers offense w/ C. Newton in ’11-’12 for tips. Ultimately said not helpful.

  19. #Broncos CB Chris Harris to me b4 #Colts game v. new Off. Cord: “Really makes it harder for our defense. Don’t really know any tendencies."

  20. Saw that. It was Chris Harris Jr. (No. 25) holding Donte Moncrief. #Colts

  21. Chris Harris has returned for #Broncos.

  22. Chris Harris has returned to the field for the Broncos. #Colts

  23. Chris Harris is back in

  24. Good news Bronco fans! Chris Harris is back! #WeAreBRONCOS #DENvsIND

  25. Still no Chris Harris for #Broncos. It's Aqib Talib and Bradley Roby in base. Kayvon Webster the third corner in nickel with Roby inside.

  26. Chris Harris back in game.

  27. Injury update for the Broncos: CB Chris Harris Jr. is being evaluated for a possible concussion.

  28. Chris Harris is in the locker room. Getting a concussion test. Huge piece of Denver's defense.

  29. Chris Harris being evaluated for a possible concussion.

  30. Chris Harris being evaluated for a concussion.

  31. Impressive #Colts drive, 7 plays, 80 yards, TD, against NFL's No. 1 defense. Broncos CB Chris Harris Jr. being evaluated for concussion.

  32. Chris Harris Jr. getting evaluated for possible concussion.

  33. Chris Harris jogged to the locker room after being hit on T.J. Ward, but is being evaluated for concussion.

  34. Broncos announce top corner Chris Harris is being evaluated for a concussion. #Colts

  35. Denver's terrific DB Chris Harris is being evaluated for a concussion.

  36. Denver CB Chris Harris being evaluated for concussion