1. Yea that Goat need some Curry sauce how Von Miller just kilt him https://t.co/NhK8aFTsHI

  2. For one half, Sammy Watkins was unstoppable. For another, he had one target. https://t.co/DSZueSJ0Xz

  3. 4. Oh my goodness I just thought about J.J. Watt versus Seantrel Henderson for the first time. Yikes. https://t.co/0eutCOv6lf

  4. #Chiefs bottle up Sammy Watkins and Bills in second half, via @BlairKerkhoff: https://t.co/Rbp3iF9FVg

  5. #Chiefs secondary clamps down in second half against Bills WR Sammy Watkins: https://t.co/x7gjucre3c

  6. Sammy Watkins was targeted once in the second half after putting up 156 yards and two touchdowns in the first half. https://t.co/Dn5tgBuhU0

  7. Why did Sammy Watkins disappear in second half of #Bills' loss to #Chiefs? https://t.co/9iEnSjGle1 #billsmafia

  8. Manny Lawson: "It’s something we’re going to learn from. We’re going to feed off this feeling and not let this feeling feed off us."

  9. Sammy Watkins up, Rex Ryan down in Bills' loss https://t.co/39gICkdJWq

  10. Preston Brown: “It definitely hurts. ... But we still have hope. Every game is a must-win. We know that."

  11. Marcus Peters on stopping Sammy Watkins in 2d half: “It was just us getting our minds back focused, foot wasn’t all the way on the gas yet.”

  12. Ron Parker on stopping Sammy Watkins in second half: “We went out there mad and wanted to stop the problem, there was a little leak.”

  13. Ron Parker on shutting down Sammy Watkins in second half: “We got a group of dogs and don’t nobody like to see anybody get dogged.”

  14. Sammy Watkins: "Those guys get paid too." He was held without a catch in the second half... https://t.co/X88ksTj9ua https://t.co/mil6ag41e3

  15. Sammy Watkins says the team lacked urgency, have to put "nail in the coffin" when they have the chance. https://t.co/Y9cseuDDAk

  16. Some more time to digest this game ... how do you NOT keep throwing to Sammy Watkins in the second half? Makes absolutely no sense.

  17. Robert Woods believes he still caught the ball that the Bills challenged. Said players can't put things in the officials' hands.

  18. Sammy Watkins had 158 yards at halftime and did not finish with the most yards. Jeremy Maclin gained 160. Watkins finished with 158.

  19. Have a Day, Sammy Watkins! #BUFvsKC https://t.co/3KPovcOeW2

  20. Chiefs CB Sean Smith shut out Buffalo WR Sammy Watkins in the second half after Watkins caught six passes for... https://t.co/2fVE3U7OZS

  21. FINAL: Have a Day, Sammy Watkins! #BUFvsKC https://t.co/evp9cXN1Af

  22. Nigel Bradham has his right foot in a boot.

  23. Bills LB Nigel Bradham has a walking boot on his right foot.

  24. Rex Ryan says the Chiefs "started playing the safety a zillion yards deep" and that's why Sammy Watkins was held... https://t.co/w9L34w7CoL

  25. Rex: The Chiefs put a safety over top of Sammy Watkins in the second half. Impacted number of targets. #BUFvsKC https://t.co/8avoK2zv6h

  26. LeSean McCoy has the same TD celebration as Aaron Hernandez? https://t.co/NFJAvz71HU https://t.co/iK5zfYexQi

  27. This will not be remembered as the Sammy Watkins game now. It will be remembered as the Rex Challenge game

  28. Chris Hogan took four freaking steps. FOUR

  29. Jerry Hughes took a 15-yard penalty? https://t.co/4sC7vOFewO

  30. Jerry Hughes Penalty Counter: So many I've lost count.

  31. Even for Jerry Hughes, that's an all-time stupid penalty. #Bills

  32. I really like Jeff Allen letting Jerry Hughes that penalties like that won’t be tolerated. Walked over to him and said something.

  33. That might have been Jerry Hughes' dumbest penalty of the season. And that's saying something.

  34. Roughing the passer on #Bills DE Jerry Hughes. Customary penalty for him puts #Chiefs half distance to goal.

  35. What an idiot. I mean, how stupid do you have to be Jerry Hughes?

  36. There's your Jerry Hughes penalty.

  37. What a timely roughing the passer call on Jerry Hughes. Team-leading 11th penalty of the season.

  38. It has not been a good day for Ronald Darby, by far his worst yet