1. Chris Baker was calling him Smokey The Bear and yelling "only you can prevent forest fires" https://t.co/HPAwY3n0oJ

  2. Baker Travels Unorthodox Route to Redskins' D-Line

  3. Matt Jones Crashes UF-UGA Tailgate

  4. Sam Bradford watches as Chris Baker hits the Milly Rock (Photo by The Post's Jonathan Newton) http://t.co/TEAQuica57

  5. Chris Baker celebrated his second sack Sunday by hitting the Milly Rock http://t.co/hsyY9wZuOy

  6. 5 observations defense: Redskins DE Chris Baker continues to emerge; Kyshoen Jarrett makes pivotal play http://t.co/cC0S4B6QC9

  7. Comeback showed why Redskins 'went to Kirk', according to Chris Baker http://t.co/yqyuW2mn9H http://t.co/vmjatHnAm7

  8. Agree. Him or Chris Baker. https://t.co/np4zL0PXWW

  9. defensive observations: Redskins DE Chris Baker continues to emerge; Kyshoen Jarrett makes pivotal play http://t.co/cC0S4APfdz

  10. well, well, well. Guess who's back on video. Talking Chris Baker and his strong start. 3 reasons why...#Redskins http://t.co/yh6ChhX4k6

  11. Redskins defensive end Chris Baker might be the best dancer on the team. He debuted his... http://t.co/wUjINfapLo http://t.co/8whnFm1tQ8

  12. A team that hasn't been able to force turnovers for two years - has forced two today. Chris Baker smashes Matt Ryan. Will Compton recovers

  13. FUMBLE! Will Compton comes up with the football! Chris Baker with the strip on Matt Ryan! #HTTR #WASvsATL http://t.co/zg4rYMlkDu

  14. And that's another forced turnover by #Redskins defense.. looked like Chris Baker forced it.. man, things have changed.. #RedskinsTalk..

  15. Matt Ryan fumbled the ball after getting mauled by Chris Baker in the RZ on great pressure. Play is under review.

  16. Good coverage on that play,allowed rush to pinch Ryan and force him up. Lead to Chris Baker sack/fumble.

  17. #Redskins DL coach Robb Akey likes that play out of Chris Baker! #WASvsATL https://t.co/WHFyBpTX0j

  18. Not how Julio Jones expects to make TD's.. Chris Baker forced fumble.. but #Redskins can't keep Atl out of end zone.. #RedskinsTalk..

  19. Chris Baker was indeed credited with the forced fumble that the #Falcons recovered in the end zone for the go-ahead score.

  20. Man, Chris Baker has been a beast all season.. #Redskins challenged him by signing Paea.. he's responded! #RedskinsTalk..

  21. As if I'm not enough on video...joined by Chris Baker...Talking sack dances, dodging a bee & showing off a few moves https://t.co/cx1U9o7HkB

  22. That last sack for #Redskins defense actually goes to rookie DE Preston Smith, not Chris Baker.

  23. Redskins Star Chris Baker -- Rippin' The Runway Again ... For Charity https://t.co/Qb6EDeDqR6

  24. Jay Gruden to the podium: Jason Hatcher didn't participate. Chris Baker has a sore ankle and was limited at practice.

  25. Chris Baker brings back ‘You like that’ after Kirk Cousins’s big game https://t.co/nki3YVKfR1

  26. VIDEO: Kirk Cousins' 'You Like That' gets an underwhelming sequel from Chris Baker . https://t.co/C9Ovm2RVM0 https://t.co/xaKAoOWm4E

  27. Like Kirk Cousins, Chris Baker has an important question for you https://t.co/FaSiILYts6 https://t.co/dxRmkAnYt6

  28. VIDEO: Chris Baker, much like Kirk Cousins, knows you like that https://t.co/MFKqljhzea

  29. Chris Baker screaming "you like that" into csn cameras. You're gonna see that later

  30. Saints go for it on 4th-and-1 and get stuffed by Chris Baker and Co.

  31. From the young fella @MasterTes: Redskins DE Chris Baker travels an unorthodox route to the Redskins’ defensive line https://t.co/h59ZSpVVK0

  32. Chris Baker travels an unorthodox route to the Redskins’ defensive line https://t.co/HiBGWlNHLi

  33. VIDEO: Chris Baker to @TarikCSN -- 'It's not going to get any easier' https://t.co/IrboZyUkKg #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/IlTB39r2bg

  34. DE Chris Baker has returned for the Redskins.

  35. Chris Baker back in the game.

  36. No Pot Roast or Chris Baker in the middle of the Skins' D. Going to see a lot of #BlountForceTrauma today

  37. INJURY UPDATE: #Redskins DL Chris Baker (chest) has returned to #WASvsNE.

  38. Redskins Chris Baker has a chest injury. Return questionable. He's been their best DL this year

  39. Washington DE Chris Baker has a chest injury. He's questionable to return. One of their best pass-rushers.

  40. Chris Baker is questionable to return with a chest injury.