1. Versatility Pays off for Bears' OL Michael Ola

    Michael Ola, who played two seasons for Marc Trestman and the Montreal Alouettes before a brief offseason stop with the Miami Dolphins , was picked up last May by the Bears ...

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  2. Antrel Rolle Is 'Ready to Let It Loose'

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  3. Brandon Marshall on Jay Cutler: 'We Love Each Other but Also Get in to It'

    With the Bears deciding it best to part ways with receiver Brandon Marshall and to keep quarterback Jay Cutler , it's worth wondering what type of role the strained relationship between the two friends played in the team's decisions...

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  4. Eddie Royal: Bears QB Jay Cutler Recruited Me: Chicago

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  5. John Fox Sees 'Maturity and Growth' from Jimmy Clausen

    The Chicago Bears finally publicly committed to Jay Cutler on Wednesday, but that doesn't necessarily lock out backup Jimmy Clausen from an opportunity to compete to be the club's starting quarterback job...

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  6. Chicago Bears: Reassessing Draft Needs After First Wave of Free Agency

    The first wave of free agency is done. How do you think the Bears did? They managed to fill some needs but still have a few holes to work on...

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  7. Chicago Bears' 5 Best Draft Options to Replace Brandon Marshall

    Just three years after giving up two third-round picks to the Miami Dolphins for wide receiver Brandon Marshall , the Chicago Bears officially traded Marshall and a seventh-round ...

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  8. Have Ryan Pace and John Fox Done Enough to Improve Bears in Free Agency?

    The Chicago Bears have made several intriguing moves this offseason. Have the Bears made the right moves to this point in the offseason? Have they improved their defense? ...

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  9. Antrel Rolle Provides an Upgrade but Hardly an Answer for Bears' Secondary

    The Chicago Bears ' signing of veteran safety Antrel Rolle figures to provide an affordable upgrade at the team's most obvious position of need and a respected leader in new head coach John Fox's locker room...

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  10. Martellus Bennett Posts Trailer to His Short Film

    We're in the midst of free-agent frenzy, but let's take a quick break to recognize tight end Martellus Bennett for what appears to be completion of his first animated short film...

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  11. Hub Arkush: Eddie Royal an Excellent Fit as Slot Receiver for Chicago Bears

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  12. Bears, Mason Foster Discussing Deal

    The Bears are discussing a three-year deal with linebacker Mason Foster, according to Jen Lada of CSNChicago.com (on Twitter)...

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  13. Hub Arkush: Safety Antrel Rolle Is an Instant Upgrade for Chicago Bears

    Antrel Rolle's three career Pro Bowl appearances are two more than all the Chicago Bears safeties this century combined, and his last in 2013 when he played alongside Ryan Mundy with the Giants was one of the best years of his career...

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  14. How the Chicago Bears Can Best Utilize Pernell McPhee's Versatility

    The Chicago Bears made their first big splash of free agency on Wednesday when they announced the signing of outside linebacker Pernell McPhee ...

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  15. Lamarr Houston Linebacker Bears Defense

    The Bears ' move to a 3-4 defense means a new position for Lamarr Houston , the team's big-money, free-agent signing from last March...

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  16. New Bears Linebacker Pernell McPhee: 'I'm Violent'

    New Chicago Bears linebacker Pernell McPhee tried his hand as personnel evaluator Tuesday during his introductory news conference when asked to give a scouting report on himself...

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  17. Bears' Ryan Pace: Brandon Marshall Departure for the Best

    The Bears might have had to sweeten the Brandon Marshall trade with a seventh-round draft pick just to acquire the Jets ' fifth-round choice, but general manager Ryan Pace said that was “fair” value for the controversial wide receiver...

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  18. Jay Cutler Named as Bears' 2015 Starting QB: Latest Details, Comments, Reaction

    After swirling rumors this offseason that the Chicago Bears could trade quarterback Jay Cutler , the team expressed its commitment to him Wednesday...

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  19. Pernell McPhee to Bears: Latest Contract Details, Comments and Reaction

    Defensive lineman Pernell McPhee picked an opportune time to hit free agency. The 26-year-old is coming off of his most productive season with 7.5 sacks, which was enough to convince the Chicago Bears that he was worth a big investment...

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  20. Report: Bears Hosting Ex-Chiefs SS Ron Parker

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  21. Physical Safety Bears Must Draft in Mid Rounds of 2015 NFL Draft

    TCU safety Chris Hackett is one of the best safety prospects in the 2015 NFL draft. Which team would be a good fit for Hackett? How will Hackett perform at the next level? ...

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  22. Bears Free Agent Prudence Could Prove to Be Virtue Come the NFL Draft

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  23. Matt Slauson Says Jay Cutler Can Be Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning

    After last season's underwhelming performance, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has a hard time finding many supporters in Chicago...

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  24. 4 Veterans the Chicago Bears Must Part with Before 2015 Season

    The Chicago Bears made some noise this past Monday just before the start of free agency when it was reported that Baltimore Ravens defensive end/outside linebacker Pernell McPhee ...

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  25. Source: WR Eddie Royal Visiting Bears

    CHICAGO -- Free-agent wide receiver Eddie Royal traveled to Chicago on Tuesday to visit and potentially sign a contract with the Chicago Bears , a league source confirmed...

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