1. Why Budinger Remains Ahead of Robinson III in Rotation

  2. Budinger Looking Like the Player Pacers Want Him to Be

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  4. PG-13's Return, Big Man Woes & Bleached Hair: 2015-16 Pacers Preview

  5. Get to know #10 in "10 Facts About @CBudinger" - http://t.co/IMkT6uhDvt http://t.co/ugvmLLzKpb

  6. Why Chase Budinger could make the biggest jump for the #Pacers in 2015-16 http://t.co/8eRuUzDpLy http://t.co/MmmWbys6ci

  7. Chase Budinger Ranked 284th Best NBA Player by ESPN http://t.co/U4yMCJIBwN #pacers

  8. Chase Budinger Ranked 284th Best NBA Player by ESPN http://t.co/G2QuilmQML http://t.co/ok2ah7bNvz

  9. "I'm a shooter. I've gotta work on my 3-point shots." - @CBudinger http://t.co/IU7cxjyzr0

  10. Injury update for tonight's game: Chase Budinger is out (sore right hamstring) and Monta Ellis is questionable (sore lower back).

  11. Injury update: Chase Budinger (sore hamstring), Solomon Hill (sprained left ankle), & George Hill (sprained right ankle) are out tonight.

  12. Chase Budinger is out tonight with a sore hamstring. Vogel said, "We're hoping this is the last game he misses."

  13. Injury report: Chase Budinger (sore hamstring), Solomon Hill (sprained left ankle), and George Hill (sprained right ankle) are out tonight.

  14. VIDEO - @CBudinger explains how he feels his style of play could help the #Pacers in playing fast: http://t.co/KhJznN7FlR

  15. Tonight's #Pacers starters: George Hill Monta Ellis Chase Budinger Paul George Ian Mahinmi

  16. #Pacers start the 3rd with George Hill, Rodney Stuckey, Chase Budinger, Lavoy Allen, and Jordan Hill.

  17. Former Wolves Chase Budinger and Glenn Robinson III now teammates in Indiana, on the floor now together vs. Cavs tonight on NBA TV

  18. In the 4th quarter, Coach Vogel is using the lineup of Joe Young, Glenn Robinson III, Chase Budinger, Lavoy Allen, and Myles Turner.

  19. Chase Budinger gets the steal and finishes with a SLAM at the other end. IND 33, CHA 33 with 7:02 left in Q2

  20. Chase Budinger is on the court, making his Pacers debut and looking like a part-time San Diego board shorts salesman.

  21. Rodney Stuckey and @CBudinger get ready for tonight's home opener: https://t.co/nAVZBe4o8a

  22. Myles Turner, George Hill, and Chase Budinger ... first-team all-haircut.

  23. I'm like 1-for-4 on tweeting Budinger without typos on the season. Probably gonna be just Chase or San Diego from now on.

  24. Chase Budinger now 3-for-11 from 3-point range this year. And Bosh is incredible.

  25. PG with a dope look to an open shooter in the corner but it was Chase Budinger so may as well've punted into the stands like Bobby Knight.

  26. Chase Budinger throws away a pass to Richard Jefferson for a breakaway layup. Down 9 with just over 8 mins to play.


  28. Tonight’s #Pacers starters against the Bulls: Monta Ellis C.J. Miles Paul George Chase Budinger Ian Mahinmi

  29. Chase Budinger with the volleyball set to nobody. Yeesh. Second half probably won't be worth watching. Maybe the second quarter.

  30. Chase Budinger is pin-blocking the Sixers. This isn't fit for children of any age.

  31. Should we expect Chase Budinger to start doing something well? Or is this just what he is? https://t.co/0ryWcfC9X2 https://t.co/wWol7BmofC

  32. Frank Vogel tells the media that with George Hill out of the rotation tonight, Chase Budinger will be a starter. https://t.co/IJxPzwER1f

  33. With George Hill not expected to play tonight (upper respiratory infection), Chase Budinger was a starter and has scored 8 points early.

  34. Pacers are shooting 38.8% from 3, third best in the NBA. Paul George, George Hill, CJ Miles, Chase Budinger, Glenn Robb III are all 40+%.

  35. Why Chase Budinger Remains Ahead of Glenn Robinson III in the Rotation https://t.co/gmhAdxuHqx #pacers