1. Ruling is a fumble. First down for Jacksonville. Heads-up grab by Gerhart. Heads-up tackle by Chandler Jones.

  2. Big Board and Advice for Thursday Night Football

  3. Patriots DE Chandler Jones discusses the art of the 'team sack' http://t.co/xbe7DEsNmX via @masslivenews

  4. Here's an interesting tidbit: Chandler Jones told me he had "a few surgeries" this offseason. It wasn't known that that he had more than one

  5. Jamie Collins and Chandler Jones were worthy, but hard to argue against Revis http://t.co/y0xCLshvPF

  6. Ladies and gentlemen, Chandler Jones.... And Richie Incognito failing to pick up the rusher http://t.co/n9Tyrwf1DR

  7. Blount, Mayo and guys up front w/Sheard, C. Jones, Ninkovich, Chandler Jones, etc. Somebody has to watch... https://t.co/JnHRL2qLel

  8. Through two games, Chandler Jones has the same amount of sacks (3) as J.J. Watt and Justin Houston. He, of course, earned them all yesterday

  9. Sorry, that's EIGHT sacks for the #Patriots today. Chandler Jones (3), Jamie Collins (2), Ninkovich, Branch, Hightower (1 each)

  10. Chandler Jones had 2 sacks in 6 appearances against Cordy Glenn coming into this game. He has 3 today.

  11. Offense sputters yet again. Three and out. Cordy Glenn was beat by Chandler Jones for the sack. And many fans are already leaving The Ralph.

  12. Cordy Glenn told me he was "really looking forward" to matching up with Chandler Jones. About that.

  13. Bills might want to give Cordy Glenn a hand with Chandler Jones.

  14. Chandler Jones is going off

  15. Chandler Jones was a problem in the first half. Two sacks, three quarterback hits, five tackles.

  16. Tyrod Taylor with an ugly interception to end the half. Meanwhile, the offensive line has allowed four sacks, two by Chandler Jones.

  17. Chandler Jones looking great there. Nice sack.

  18. 2 sacks for Chandler Jones already.

  19. Chandler Jones gets home there. He's given Cordy Glenn some problems with his power here in 1st half, at least when rushing

  20. Chandler Jones whupped at line of scrimmage. 12 yards for McCoy

  21. Now Chandler Jones with the third down sack. #Patriots D is eating Tyrod Taylor for lunch

  22. Jamie Collins with a powerful rush off the shoulder of Chandler Jones, who was on the nose. Big sack after Bills 2nd ST penalty

  23. Patriots also take out DE Chandler Jones on this drive and go with three big DTs -- Branch, Siliga, Brown up front with Sheard.

  24. Bills having no problems attacking Chandler Jones and beating him with a single block